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How to Choose the Right Bridal Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

How to Choose a Bridal Makeup Artist for Your Wedding
The decision of whether or not to hire a bridal makeup artist for a wedding is crucial. In order to find the right artist for your special day, Wedessence has put together a few research tips and suggestions for you.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018
On your wedding day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful.
- Bobbi Brown, founder and CCO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.
What does every bride-to-be dream of? She wishes to look her best so that when she walks down the aisle, the man of her dreams can't believe his luck. Of course, there's a lot to do before that moment arrives. And one such task is to hire a professional bridal makeup artist. In this article, you can learn a few tips on how you should go about choosing a bridal makeup artist for your wedding.
Here Comes ... the Makeup Artist
"Searching for and choosing the makeup artist" needs to be in your wedding time-line. It's an important decision they'll stay with you for the rest of your life. Without the perfect artist, for you, the wedding pictures may not come out as you hoped.
Begin Research Ahead of Time
Research is the key factor in finding the right makeup artist for yourself. As every expense of the wedding will have a set budget, this too requires attention. Search for an artist who can not only deliver the kind of makeup you're looking for, but who also stays within your budget. The rates will vary, depending on how experienced and talented the artist is, number of people, wedding-day travel distance, and products used by the artist. So, keep all these factors in mind while you're searching for an artist. Begin by asking your friends and colleagues who may have hired someone for any special events. You can also checkout wedding websites and bridal magazines, or you can visit some local salons. This will give you information about various artists.
Checkout Artist Portfolios
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The world is divided into two kinds of people―those who look for experience and those who want expertise. I won't suggest you to choose one over the other. Instead, you need to search for someone who has a combination of both. A good way to begin is by looking at their personal portfolios. This will give you the information you need to make your decision. Let their previous work give you the understanding of what to expect if you happen to choose a particular makeup artist.
Use of Quality Makeup Brands and Tools
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There are tons of makeup products and tools out there, and every makeup brand provides different results. Another good way to be really sure whether a particular makeup artist can and will deliver what you're looking for, is by looking at the products and brands he/she has. It is true that professional products will last for longer hours than most consumer-grade products.
Advice on Different Makeup Styles
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Have you given a thought on what type of makeup you want for the wedding? A good makeup artist will help you save time and money in researching for your look, and provide practical makeup tips will make it last longer. This way, he/she will help you finalize the look, keeping your dress, wedding color theme, venue, and accessories in mind.
Get Hair and Makeup Trials
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This is the most important moment. During consultation, ask whether the artist also does hairstyles, are there any trial payments, and do you need to give a deposit while booking. Getting answers to these questions will help you plan your budget and achieve the look for the day. Take any magazines and photos that you like for the trial. This way, the artist will be able to provide suggestions and try different looks on you. Even though you know what you want, do let the artist try on a bolder shade of lipstick or style your hair differently. If it doesn't work, the artist can start again. This is just a trial, right? And who knows, you might get surprised with what the artist has in store for you.
Include Your Bridesmaids
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Make sure that the makeup artist accommodates your bridal party size. You do not want your bridesmaids to look out of place when it comes to makeup. Otherwise, this will throw the whole lineup out of balance. As far as the expenses are concerned, that discussion will be between you and your bridesmaids.
Women and makeup go hand in hand. So, why should your wedding be any different? Give the decision of hiring a professional, skillful, and experienced bridal makeup artist plenty of thought. Once you are sure about an artist, don't waste time in narrowing your choice. This is your wedding; so don't skimp on spending a little. Your wedding will last a day, but the photos will last a lifetime.
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