How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

So I'm guessing that you're getting married really soon and are looking for some tips to choose the 'perfect' bridal bouquet for yourself... right? Well, first of all, very many congratulations, and secondly, I have some great tips for you that can help you in choosing the perfect bouquet for your wedding. Read on...
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"If I was a flower growing wild and free, all I want is you to be my sweet honey bee. And if I was a tree growing tall and green, all I'd want is you to shade me and be my leaves... all I want is you, will you be my bride? Take me by my hand and stand by my side. All I want is you, will you stay with me? Hold me in your arms and sway me like the sea." ~ Barry Louis Polisar, from the song 'All I Want Is You'.
So you have got the 'flower' who is willing to make you his 'sweet honey bee' for life... and now you just need the perfect bridal bouquet with the perfect flowers to make your wedding a perfect wedding! A wedding is something that every girl dreams of ever since she understands its meaning. The white princess like gown, the tiara, the gloves, the veil...and the perfect bridal bouquet to give the perfect finishing touch to it all. If you are a dreamer and have been dreaming about this day since a long time, then I am sure that you have already decided what flowers you want for the wedding. However, I wouldn't be surprised if you are still confused with so many options and designs to choose from. The following section will give you all the tips that you need to eliminate the confusion in mind and in buying...
Tips for Picking a Right Bridal Bouquet for Your Wedding
Buying a good bridal bouquet can become very overwhelming for some. I mean you think that you just have to pick a pretty bouquet, but a 'pretty bridal bouquet' is different from the 'perfect bridal bouquet'! There are a lot of other things that come into the picture along with it. Knowing your priorities and being clear about what you need on your wedding day will help you pick a unique bridal bouquet. I am sure the following tips would help.
The Flowers and the Budget
Flowers are the first consideration when it comes to the bridal bouquet. Do you have any favorites? If yes, then you really don't need to think much, if you are confused, then start thinking on the budget. Do you want exotic flowers or the evergreen ones like roses, orchids and lilies. If you want exotic flowers that are seasonal, then you will have to get them imported from somewhere else which can actually add to the wedding budget. On the other hand, you can select among the variety of flowers that are readily available in the season and avoid the extra spending. Speaking of the budget, the price of the flowers become very high if you are getting married in the peak season, like Valentine's day. What I would suggest is that you get married only once... at least that is what you're hoping for... so choose something that you like. Give preferences to your choices first and then think about the budget.
A Bouquet that Complements You...
You see, bridal bouquets come in various shapes and sizes. You have the Cascade, the Arm Sheaf, the Nosegay, and the Flower Bracelets. Choose a design that complements your body type. If you are tall, it is best to go with long designs like the cascade bouquet and the arm sheaf. On the other hand, if you are petite it is best to stick with smaller bridal bouquets which would not take the focus away from you.
Another point to keep in mind is your complexion. For brides who have a pale complexion, it is best to avoid a complete white bridal bouquet as it will make you look all the more dull. It would be advisable to stick with rich cream color shades of the flowers for your bridal bouquet. The rich dark shades of flowers work well with brides who have a darker complexion.
A Bouquet that Compliments the Theme and Your Dress!
I am sure you would have a theme for your wedding, right? Select a bridal bouquet that goes with the theme. It would be interesting to have flowers in the bridal bouquet with tones that match with the color of the bridesmaids dresses. You can also choose the flowers that complement the wedding theme if you want to stand out from the rest of the theme. Choosing two or may be three different types of flowers with some interesting work would be great. Speaking of architectural flower bouquets, make sure that they would look well if you have a streamline wedding gown in mind. For wedding dresses with a lot of beading and detailed work, it would be advisable to stick with a bouquet that complements the gown and doesn't take away all the attention.
It is better to choose a bridal bouquet that has flowers that tend to remain fresh for a longer time. Apart from that, if you plan to toss the bouquet over, it should be something that you can do easily and not have to struggle for! Keep in mind that it is your wedding day and each and everything involved in it should bring a smile on your face and not make you think how to go about it! Choose something that suits your requirements in terms of looks, comfort, ease, and something that complements the entire mood of the environment. I hope now you'll know what to look for when you go buying your perfect bridal bouquet. All the best for everything in the future and wishing you a happy married life ahead. God bless you!
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