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How to Choose the Perfect Topper for Your Wedding Cake

How to Choose the Perfect Topper for Your Wedding Cake
Selecting a cake topper can be one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. Even so, there are some points you should keep in mind while selecting one for your wedding cake. We share some of these with you.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Something Old
Instead of buying a new cake topper, check if either of your parents have the one they used for their wedding cake, for that touch of sentimental nostalgia.
The wedding cake is the showstopper at most weddings. Tiers and tiers of delicious confectionery, just waiting to be devoured by the guests. The cake topper, the topmost part of the wedding cake, is as special as the cake itself. There's a lot of thought and planning that can go into selecting a cake topper, believe it or not. There's the style, design, material, size, weight, color, and more such things. Let's know how to choose wedding cake toppers for your big day!
Choose by your style
Classic wedding cake
✦ Are you two mushy-mushy romantic? Try something classic like a pair of doves.
✦ Do you enjoy a good laugh at each other's expense often? Go with a funny topper like a bride holding the groom on a leash or the groom running away from the bride.
✦ Do you want to stick to tradition? Go with the standard bride and groom figurines.
✦ Do you want to proclaim your new initials to the world? Go with a monogram.
As a couple, what is your personality? What are your likes and dislikes? What kind of styles do the two of you, as a couple, enjoy?
Keep the theme in mind
Cowboy wedding cake
✦ For quirky weddings, going with something funny will keep the mood alive.
✦ For an elegant wedding, something like monograms or porcelain figurines will be perfect.
✦ For a DIY wedding, even something simple, but adorable like a pair of painted Popsicle sticks will look awesome.
The theme of your wedding can also be a good indicator of what kind of topper you can select. For a more traditional theme, traditional toppers will work best. Use the colors of your cake and the décor of the venue as clues to pick the colors of the topper.
Make a good investment
Wedding couple cake
We know that the cost of weddings is only increasing by the day, and you'll probably have more important things to spend on than a cake topper. But we strongly recommend that you invest in a good cake topper. Plastic ones that come a dime a dozen are the worst enemies of your wedding cake. They will look very unflattering on a cake that your baker has slaved over. Plus, you never know if they'll just break or damage the flavor of the cake in some manner. So, always invest in a good cake topper that is either edible or made of good quality material.
Beware of the weight
Wedding cake figurine
In order to pick one of the appropriate weight, you're going to have to take your baker into the loop (if he's not supplying the topper, that is). He will advise you on how heavy a topper you can select based on the weight of the cake and the kind of stand that the cake will be on. Heavy toppers made from porcelain or resin will have to be secured into the stand to avoid the cake from toppling over. So, consult your baker about the weight before you purchase the topper.
Your cake topper should be something that everyone who looks at it can immediately associate with the two of you. So, whether you choose a traditional one or go for something funky and creative, make sure you and your other half truly identify with it.
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