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How to Choose a Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape

How to Choose a Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape

With all eyes on you, you ought to look your beautiful best. Which means you need to take special care while choosing your wedding dress. We will help you find that impeccable dress to suit your body shape.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Jan 12, 2018
"After all there is something about a wedding-gown prettier than any other gown in the world." 
―Douglas Jerrold
It is the day when the bride is the star of the moment, and she ought to feel and look her best. With all eyes on her on the special day, her dress becomes an important factor that decides her overall look.

A dress, as we believe, should reflect the true you. Which is why, you need to choose a dress that flatters your body shape. That said, choosing the right dress is one of the most important tasks for a bride-to-be. While a lot has to be considered while finding the right dress, the shape of the body determines the perfect fit for the dress.

Here's your guide to find the dress that will make people stop right in their tracks to observe you―the beautiful and stunning bride.
Apple-shaped bodies have a large frame with wide shoulders, making the body appear to be more voluptuous than the others. Little waist definition, owning to a fuller bust and bottoms, does make the individual appear heavier on their upper body. This body shape is blessed with slender arms and legs that can easily be highlighted by dressing right.
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If your body resembles the shape of an apple, you should choose dresses that take the weight off your torso and bust, and emphasize your limbs instead. Plunging necklines, like V-necks and sweetheart, will help draw attention upwards, while empire waistlines will efficiently hide your fuller torso. You can also carry off an A-line gown or a tea-length dress. In addition, you can opt for a ball gown that clinches at the narrowest part of your waist.
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You better stay away from mermaid and trumpet dresses that fit snugly against the body emphasizing your fuller torso. Also, avoid a straight across strapless dress as it will add to your busty appearance. Keep those puffy sleeves, capes, wraps, and other bulky accessories away.
Pear-shaped bodies are small or petite on the top, and heavier on the butts and upper thighs, giving them a seemingly voluptuous bottom. Just like a pear or a triangle, you have narrow shoulders and bust with wider hips. You need to highlight your upper body while camouflaging your lower torso.
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Considering you have slender shoulders and a smaller bust, you can very well pull off one-shoulder, off-shoulder, and strapless dresses. In addition, bateau, scoop, and V-necks will suit your frame best. Your best bet would be A-line, princess, empire waistline, and ball gowns for your wedding day.
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Anything in mermaid, peplum, and trumpet style is not meant for you. Stay away from halter and high necks as they will make you look flatter at the bust.
Inverted Triangle
Inverted triangles have broad shoulders with narrower hips, making them appear full-bodied on their upper torso. Unlike apple-shaped bodies, this shape is blessed with a narrow waist and hip, along with slender limbs. This shape should look for dresses that add layers to balance out their narrow hips, and accentuate their broad shoulders.
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Dresses with straps that will help cover your wide shoulders. Plunging necklines, like deep V, sweetheart, and scoop, will help cover up your busty frame. Peplums, trumpet, and dresses that have detailing around the waist, are meant for you. Dresses with skirts that clinch at the waist and flair out at the bottom will flatter your body the best. Look for ball gowns, mermaid, rosettes, and ruffles to flatter your frame.
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Heavy embroidery, and detailing on the shoulders will add to the bulkiness. Stay away from puffed sleeves as they will draw attention to your already broad shoulders.
Boxy or athletic frames have slender bodies sans curves. The shoulders-bust-waist-hip ratio is almost equal, making you appear more like a rectangle or a ruler. Creating an illusion of curves is what you need to pay heed to when dressing your body shape.
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Strapless dresses with detailing and embroidery on the bust will help create curves. One-shoulder dresses, empire waist dresses with bows, belts, and ruching will help draw attention to your body. You can very well pull off dresses with low waistlines, like mermaids and trumpets, teamed with a sash cinching at the waist. You can also look for dresses with puff sleeves, capes, and wraps to accentuate your curves.
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Halter and high necklines if you have bony collarbones. Also, avoid dresses with portrait necklines to avoid framing the collarbone.
Hourglass figures have a defined waist, which is proportionate to the hip and bust. This perfectly-balanced body is worth showing off and not hiding behind layers of fabric.
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Thanks to your proportionate body, you can wear anything from sheath, to mermaid, and from trumpet to ball gowns to accentuate your curves. Two piece gowns with fitted corsets with A-line, or straight cut skirts will work to enhance your figure.
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Being blessed with perfect curves, you wouldn't want to hide your curves with an empire waistline. Also, stay away from dresses that flair waist down, instead look for dresses with dropped waistlines.
Simply defined, you tower above everyone else thanks to your tall frame. You can be curvy, or slender, but the dress you choose ought to highlight your height.
Tiny frames enclosed in a petite silhouette is what your body is all about. The best way to dress your body shape is to find dresses that will elongate your frame.
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Your petite frame will look good in trumpet, sheath, A-line, and empire waistline dresses. Look for dresses with small detailing to add length to your silhouette. Dropped waistlines teamed with floor-sweeping skirts are the norm to elongate your figure. You can wear a knee-length A-line dress with heels to add length to your tiny frame.
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Full ball gowns with voluminous fabric may overwhelm your figure. Stay away from huge detailing like big bows and ruffles on the lower half of the dress.
Plus-sized brides can opt for empire dresses that begin just under the bust, with a gradual A-line skirt. Stay away from pleats and extremely loose gowns as they add width to the look. Gowns in satin, chiffon, and taffeta will make you appear slimmer.
While these are the basic rules you ought to follow when choosing your wedding gown, there are some that you should not overlook including the accessories and material of the dress. Make sure you choose a dress that flatters your shape, and makes you look impeccably beautiful on the d-day.