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How to Decorate a Hall for a Wedding

Depending on the type of wedding you'll have, the decoration of the reception hall will differ. Read the Wedessence article to find out how exactly you should go about decorating a hall for a wedding.
Wedessence Staff
"Marriage is the golden ring in a chain, whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is eternity."
Kahlil Gibran

You must have been planning for this day for months now and finally, that day is not far away. However, before you can even think of setting foot in the reception hall, there are tons of things you need to manage. Here are a few suggestions on decorating a reception hall in style.
Selecting the Venue
Decorated Table
Flower centerpiece
Hanging Cage
Wedding Lights
Wedding Venue
First and foremost, have you finalized the venue for your wedding reception? This can be determined by the number of guests attending the party. When you have the final head count, you can select the hall as per its capacity. Make sure that you don't take a huge hall for few people. For example, if there are 200 people attending, then don't reserve a hall that has the capacity of 500. This will only mean that you have more area to decorate which quite frankly, is going to waste.
The Entrance of the Hall
For decorating the venue, let's begin with the entrance. You can decorate the entrance with flowers and lace, place statues, have ice sculptures, etc.; your budget will help you decide how lavish or frugal you wish to be. At the entrance, you will need to keep a table where the guest book will be. Alongside, the names of the guests on the cards will be written so they can find their respective tables. You can also decorate the table with the same tablecloth used inside for all the tables and some flower petals.
Flower of the Season
White roses
Selecting the theme for your wedding reception is very important. And by theme I mean the color combination you want to use in the hall. These colors (or color) will be used for decorating the tables and chairs. Also, the flowers you select can also be included in here.
  • Spring - Casa Blanca Lily, Lilacs, Peony, Daffodil, Tulip, Star Gazer Lily, Sweet Pea, Waxflower, etc.
  • Summer - English Lavender, Iris, Hydrangea, Larkspur, Freesia, Queen Anne's Lace, Zinnia, etc.
  • Fall - Aster, Dahlia, Marigold, Statice, and Zinnia
  • Winter - Daffodil, Casa Blanca Lily, Daffodil, Camellias, Jasmine, Poinsettia, Star Gaze Lily, Tulip, Sweet Pea, Waxflower, etc.
There are so many choices of flowers and hence, the theme for the reception. Choose the colors according to the flowers of the season you are including in your wedding. Only then the entire room's ambiance will get enhanced.
Top Table
Top table decoration
Top table decoration
Top table decoration
Top table decoration
Many times, family members feel offended that they weren't selected to be seated with or near the newlyweds. So to avoid any issues on your big day, set up a sweetheart/top table where the two of you can sit in peace. Since this table is set especially for the bride and groom, make sure you face the guests and other family members, and are close enough to everyone. Decorate this table with either candles, flowers, and don't forget to place the "Mr. and Mrs." banners. But be sure not to clutter the table.
Table Décor
Table Decor
Table Decor
Table Decor
Table Decor
Table Decor
Table Decor
Table Decor
Table Decor
Table Decor
Table Decor
Now comes the rest of the tables in the hall. The tables also play an important role. If you would like, you can decorate the rest of the tables in the hall similar, but not identical to the sweetheart table. However, I would advice you not to do this. Keep the sweetheart table unique. Instead, you can take the similar concept but use contrasting colors. Let's say that you have chosen tulips for decorating your reception hall. Tulips come in red, white, yellow, blue, and mauve. So you can either choose one or a combination of two colors like mauve and white, blue and white, yellow and white, or red and white. I think you got what I'm trying to say here. For table decoration, you can select a neutral color for the tablecloth like beige or off white and use either mauve, blue, yellow, or red tulips for the centerpiece.
The only thing to remember is that don't overdo any decorations in the reception hall. With flowers and complimenting lights around the venue, you can have yourself a great party. If the reception is being conducted in a garden, then of course, the decorations will be slightly different.
I know that undertaking this huge task may seem a bit challenging or overwhelming. But trust me, take one step at a time, ask your maid of honor, bridesmaids, and family members to help you out, and this whole thing will get completed with ease.