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How to Dress for a Daytime Wedding

How to Dress for a Daytime Wedding
What do you wear to a daytime wedding? How would you dress up and what will be your make up? If all these questions are bothering you at the last moment, then this article would help you find a solution on how to. Read on...
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Colors of white, yellow and pink harmonized in attires, the natural beauty unadulterated with dollops of makeup and you exuding elegance with minimalist jewelry! This gives you the perfect picture of your deck up for attending a daytime wedding. Flashy and bright dresses are never in conjunction with morning weddings, rather you would look much more charming when you keep your outfit and makeup simple. The choice of your dress would also depend on the nature of the occasion and the destination of the wedding.
Choosing the Dress
If you have been invited with sheer formality, then your costume has to be formal. Pastel shades of white, pink, olive, yellow, lavender and mauve blend well in women's costumes in a bright sunny day. If you are attending a formal ceremony, then it would be preferable to wear a long flowing gown with a halter neck. No matter if it's an A-cut gown or a fish cut gown, you can keep the back cut deep or attach fine straps at the back. Men can wear formal pants with full sleeved shirts. Tuxedos complement daytime winter weddings. A formal black suit is probably the classiest of all. The options exist in galore when it's an informal wedding. Skirts, pinched dresses, sheath dress, cocktail dress and laced frocks should be your choice for attending beach weddings or tropical weddings. Pick up dresses stitched from cotton, satin or chiffon. You can design your dress with ribbons, laces and frills. A fine embroidery work on your dress would also uplift its elegance. Men can carry themselves with a pair of casual jeans with a semi-formal or a casual Tee or a shirt while attending informal wedding ceremonies.
The Right Footwear
A badly paired footwear mar your sense of fashion irrespective of your gender. If you are wearing a gown, then a pair of stilettos would match perfectly well. Avoid wearing glittering and dazzling pairs since it's a morning wedding. Classy stilettos wrapped in white satin or muted shades let you step ahead daintily. Men should match up the color of their shoes with their belt. A mismatched belt and shoes shows one's lack of taste. Thus, if you are wearing a brown belt, make sure that tone of your footwear is nearest to the shade of brown. Wear formal leather shoes while attending official weddings during daytime. An unofficial wedding ceremony calls for donning a pair of loafers, leather slip-on, sneakers or canvas for men. Women can experiment with fashionable ballerinas, gladiators and strapped sandals. Kitten heeled closed shoes match up well with skirts and frocks. You can either match up the pair with your outfit or wear a contrast pair of moderately bright shades.
Makeup & Accessories
It would be a blunder on your part if you fail to apply a proper makeup during a daytime wedding. You can apply a mild coat of water based foundation or concealer and then dust some loose powder on it. Say a big 'NO' to glitters, shimmers and bronzer! Glossy lipsticks of peach, pink and light brown shades would suit you the best. Outline your eyes finely with a black or dark brown colored kohl. You can also coat your eyelashes with a waterproof black mascara. Men can go for a normal bleach before attending the ceremony and moisturize their skin with a light water based moisturizer before stepping out. In short, let the natural glow on your face enhance your glamor! Wearing shiny stones and heavy metallic jewelry at daytime weddings would be a big blotch. An exquisite and finesse platinum or silver chain with a diamond pendant would match up well with every kind of dress. You can also wear a swish bracelet of similar type along with a solitaire as your ear piece. Wearing jewelry during daytime weddings is strictly restricted for men. Instead they can wear an expensive and aristocratic watch!
Styling Your Hair
There are versatile hairdos for weddings for both men and women. However, the styles are much limited when it's a day time wedding. Straighten your hair if it's long and frizzy. You can also incorporate loose curls or waves in it. Adorn your hair with tiny beads or flowers while attending a beach wedding. You can either roll up a vintage bun or leave your hair open for complementing it with your gown. Short and chic hairstyles like razor cuts, fringes and bob, go well with informal dresses. You can clutch your hair with small pins, clips and ribbons. Since it's a day time wedding, men should try to poise a more natural look with their hairdo. Do not overdo with gels and sprays, rather give a neat cut to it. Avoid wet looks while attending weddings in the morning. The more you keep your hairstyle casual, the more beautiful and handsome you look in a day time wedding.
After reading this article, you must have well understood the fact that daytime weddings need you to remain simple, casual yet elegant. And you can acquire the much coveted look by following the tips explained to you! Enjoy the wedding and let people appreciate your carefree look.
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