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How to Dress for a Summer Wedding

Kashmira Lad Nov 20, 2018
The 'I Do' season is here. With weddings lined up throughout the season, it may seem a hassle to dress up differently for each occasion. But it's not very difficult to make heads turn when you stick to the basics.
The wedding day is the most special day for the bride and bridegroom. Every bride wants to look and feel her prettiest on D-day. All eyes may be on the bride, but that is no excuse for the other ladies not to look their best as well.
It is an unsaid fashion rule for women all over, we do not repeat a look for special occasions. Sure enough, this may put you into a style dilemma. Here are certain guidelines and suggestions you can use to qualify as the best dressed guest.

Style for Women

Always ensure you know about the location of the wedding before making any plans to shop for the attire. Ask the bride or groom about the kind of dress code that would be preferred. This would help you to select the right attire, keeping the theme and location in mind.
You can go in for a complete formal look if the summer wedding is planned as an indoor event.
If outdoors, say, on a beach, a semi-formal summer dress or a skirt with a blouse is your go-to look. The venue can give you a wider option to plan for the attire.
You can opt for layers for a summer wedding. The summer night can be cool, and that gives you the perfect opportunity to use that stylish shrug, over a tube dress for example. In case the weather gets too hot, simply take off the shrug! Layered clothing is quite a popular trend for formal as well as casual occasions.
Summers give you the opportunity to bring out all those tiny skirts and tank tops. However, when dressing for a wedding, a certain dress code needs to be maintained.
Opt for sleeveless or halter or even tube dresses, and show off your gorgeous tan. A knee-length dress or skirt is the ideal length for a wedding.
Colors play an important role in making you look stylish. Bright colors and vibrant shades are the right choice to bring out the true flavor of the summer season. Floral patterns look the cutest, and what better season to flaunt them than summer.
This is the time you can really experiment with patterns and colors. For a daytime wedding, go for colors like baby pink, lime yellow or teal. If the wedding is an evening affair, wine red, royal blue or mauve are your safest bet.
The scorching heat is bound to have adverse effects on you during the summer months. Hence, go in for dresses with lightweight fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, crepe, organza and georgette, that are comfortable, yet look stylish. Look for elegant designs that are easy to manage throughout the day.
If the dress is too short, you may not feel at ease throughout the wedding, and this may keep you from enjoying yourself. Whereas, an exceptionally heavy and long dress can be a hassle to manage.
No wedding look for a lady is complete without the right jewelry. However, summer weddings are not the right time to sport heavy and elaborate jewelry items. Keep it simple and elegant.
Pearls are the prettiest option for summer weddings. Go in for dainty, delicate pieces, and remember to work around any one piece of accessory.
You can also use embellished hair accessories to up the glam quotient of your look.
Selecting the right footwear is of utmost importance for a wedding, not only for the bride, but also for the guests. You can wear wedges for daytime weddings.
Your feet need to breathe and closed shoes may not be an ideal choice. Also, when it comes to footwear, remember comfort is the key factor. A beach wedding calls for simple yet pretty flats. The last thing you would need is walking around in stilettos in the sand.

Style for Men

When it comes to weddings, men too like to be smartly dressed for the occasion. For a daytime look, men can opt for light-colored shirts with linen pants or even a classy pair of denims. One can avoid a blazer during the day.
Going for an evening do? Then shift from light-colored shirts to something darker. Make the look appropriate for the evening by wearing a blazer, which you can take off if it starts getting hot.
Men should stick to formal shoes, as these look classy.