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An Easy DIY Guide on How to Make a Pretty Brooch Wedding Bouquet

How to Make a Brooch Wedding Bouquet
Making a brooch bridal bouquet is an unconventional bouquet arrangement for the wedding day. So what are you waiting for, learn how to make a brooch wedding bouquet by going through this article.
Azmin Taraporewala
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
A bridal bouquet is the ultimate glory in a wedding ceremony, with the bride glowing and the flowers contributing to the glow. With new concepts of sanctifying relationships -- from pergolas to gazebos -- the bridal bouquet, too, is now presented in a somersaulted version. They can be fabricated with brooches as well. If you are ready to craft your very own brooch bridal corsage we are ready to guide you! In the upcoming section of the article, you will learn about the procedure. It could indeed be a pleasant alternative to wedding bouquets for the ceremony.
Making a Brooch Bridal Bouquet
What You Require
● 50 to 80 brooches
Golden ribbon
● 2 to 3 yards of golden ribbon; width being 8 inches

● 2 yards of golden ribbon; width being 2 inches
● Florist wire gauge to make the stems
Nose plier
● Wire cutter and nose plier
● Corsage tape (a subtle shade of foliage green)
Scissor in hand
● Scissors
Glue tube
● Glue
● Clip-on pins
What You Have to Do
Take Your Pick
Wedding bouquet
Making a Brooch bouquet may not be considered as difficult as picking the right types of brooches. Well, you need to look at the nitty-gritty when you pick each brooch, that would be an addition to your venture. No more than 5 base colors be chosen to envisage the bouquet. Try and explore the different sizes of brooches. Most importantly, make sure that you do not add any piece of jewelry that is overwhelmingly expensive. If you do, be prepared to face the eventuality, lest you lose the piece. It would be all the more heartening if it was a jewelry piece preserved by your grandma, specially to be handed down to you.
Take a Look
When you have collected everything that you require for the task, spread all the material onto an area which is not frequented by any of your family members. The reason behind choosing your secluded or private work haven, is to make sure that nobody fiddles with your material, and accidentally happens to mishandle it.
Wire the Brooches
With the brooches you have collected, place them upside down to have a look at their pin holes through which the wires have to slide through. Do not slide a single strand of wire through the holes; there is a probability that the brooch may droop. It is better to consider using two to three strands of wire twisted together for the task. When the wires are placed well, twist and twirl them in order to fasten them. Fold the wire on the insides when you reach the end. Repeat the same procedure for the entire collection.
Tape the Wired Brooch
When the wired brooches are ready, entwine the wired section with the green gauge tape. When you reach the end, cut the gauge tape keeping a spare of two inches. Slit the spare 2-inch tape, into two halves and tie a knot at the end to secure the brooch flowers perfectly.
Hydrangeas Fillers
Hydrangeas could be used as filler flowers as they would be perfect to cover the gaps between the brooches. Place them around and in between the brooches to make the bouquet look fuller, colorful and all the more enchanting. When you are done with the hydrangea fillers, envelop the brooch stems with a green corsage tape. Make sure that you tape the bunch tightly. The corsage may fall apart if the tape is not wound well.
Ribbon the Bouquet
Crystal on the knot
You now have the arrangement partially ready. Next, take the ribbon and roll the bouquet in to cover the stems. The gold would add a touch of class to it. When it is wound you must prepare to make a skirt for the brooch arrangement. To make a skirt, take the 8-inch ribbon and make a fold 1/2 to 1-inch wide, along its length to form a strip. It must resemble the hem of the skirt where the cloth is folded and stitched. Now, glue the edge of the fold to the ribbon so that it forms a narrow tunnel through which the wire could be pushed in. As you slide the wire through, pull the ribbon in such a manner that it looks ruffled. When you are done, knot the wires peeping out from both the ends of the ribbon strip. With a glue pen, tampon the ribbon and the wiring, for the finale look. Wrap the skirt around the corsage, and let it provide a blooming effect. With the 2-inch ribbon, tie a bow at the neck of the skirt and place a crystal of your choice on the knot.
A Quick Tip
Cutting a red rose
If you love flowers, you may include them for collaring your brooch bouquet. Besides using hydrangea flowers as fillers, you may use narcissus flowers, or freshly snipped roses to adorn your bouquet. Place the flowers in fashion, collaring its periphery or insert them in between the brooch bunch for a corsage worth the aisle. You may withdraw the flowers once it has served the occasion.
Preserve this faux corsage in a soft bag, covering it from all sides with soft cloth pillows or towels. You may also place it in a box with some fluff surrounding it. With a brooch bouquet, you don't have to worry about the flowers going stale nor spend your precious dollars on preserving your wedding flower bouquet. It will stay as fresh as it was, when made!
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