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How to Make a Cascading Bouquet

Maya Pillai Nov 20, 2018
Flowers are an integral part of weddings and receptions. A bouquet is a bunch of flowers or a floral arrangement that the bride holds on her wedding day. Cascading bouquets are a traditional yet popular option in such events. Let's see how to make a cascading bouquet.
Did you know during the prehistoric times a bouquet was in the form of a garland? This garland was a combination of herbs and wild flowers. The ancient Romans believed a bouquet of strong-smelling flowers kept evil at bay. In England, during the Victorian period, lovers used these to send secret messages to their sweethearts.
Today, they play a vital role in wedding ceremonies. A reception is not complete without floral arrangements and a bouquet is a part of the bridal suit. The florists make these in traditional and contemporary styles.
Two models - round and cascading bouquets are currently in style. The wide selection such as heart-shaped, crescent-shape, teardrop, and round bouquets is a recent development.
Flowing flower arrangements are commonly known as the cascading bouquets. In this, the flowers are arranged in a cascading manner below the main design. They are the traditional bridal decorations that are very much in fashion even today.

Preparation Procedure

You can either use silk flowers or real flowers to prepare this floral arrangement. Follow these steps to make one of silk flowers and real flowers.
Materials required:
  • 12-15 flowers of medium size
  • 15-20 flowers of smaller size
  • 12-15 stems of leaves/greenery
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Bouquet holder
  • Floral stem wrap
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
Additional Materials For Real Flowers:
  • Water
  • Floral Foam
  • Bowl
  • If you are using real flowers, start by cutting the floral foam to fit the holder. Both the holder and the floral foam should be soaked for sometime in a bowl of water. This step can be omitted if you are using silk flowers.
  • Place the holder in a large vase. This helps to hold the bouquet in place while arranging it.
  • Arrange the longest cascade stems on the table and tie them together using a floral stem wrap. The length of the cascade stems depends on the length of the bouquet.
  • If the flowers are made of silk, use glue on the tip of the stem of each flower and stick it to the holder. If you are using real flowers, insert the stems into the floral foam.
  • Space out the medium-sized flowers and fill in the design with a combination of small-sized flowers and the greenery.
  • There should be a cluster of flowers at the top, i.e., above the holder. The flowers should be placed in such a manner that you avoid any uneven gaps.
  • Once you have completed shaping the arrangement, wrap this using a ribbon. It helps to hide the stem tape and the uneven edges.
  • You can make a bow with the ribbon at the base. This would give a pleasing look to the flowers.
  • Always remember to buy a bunch of flowers treated with preservatives to make them last longer and refrigerate them till the wedding day.
Bouquets are an integral part of a wedding. Whether it is a church wedding or a seaside wedding, it is not complete without this. Cascading bouquets can be made using either real flowers or silk flowers. Silk ones are fast becoming popular because of the rising costs of real flowers.