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How to Make Flower Arrangements for Weddings

Vibhuti Gatha Nov 3, 2018
Decorations play an important role in a nuptial, and one of the most essential part of the decorations is flower arrangements. Read on to get some ideas on how to make flower arrangements for weddings.
Flowers are an essential element of wedding decorations. Their color and scent add beauty to the event and make it memorable.
Flowers form an integral part of the wedding, spreading their beauty everywhere in the form of bouquets, boutonni√®res, corsages, and even table centerpieces, and here, we present to you a few of them.

How to Choose

Decide the color theme of the wedding. Floral arrangements should go with this theme. Fix the floral budget and choose the flowers accordingly. You will find flowers matching the color theme of the wedding. For a red-colored theme, you can choose roses, gerberas, tulips, anthuriums, etc.
Flowers such as hydrangeas, berries, veronicas, blue orchids, etc., go well with a blue color scheme. Select flowers that fit your budget. You can also use artificial flowers to match the exact color. Making floral arrangements requires experience as it involves a lot of work.
One has to remove the outer petals of the flower and water them to keep them misted for a fresh look. You can take help of florists or you can do it yourself.

How to Make

If you have decided to shoulder the responsibilities for floral arrangements at a wedding, then gather the things that are required. You will require floral tape, floral moss, floral preservative, ribbon, glue, vases, and most importantly, flowers.
Most arrangements incorporate a focal flower (big blooms that would be the focus of the arrangement) and fillers (small blooms used to fill the space around the focal flower). Following are some floral arranging ideas that you can use.

Vertical Arrangement

This can be an excellent arrangement in a medium-size container. For this arrangement, cut the tallest stem of flowers or leaves to three times of the height of the container. Using hot glue, stick the foam in the vase. Place the tall stems in the vase surrounded by the focal flowers in the diameter of the vase.
If required, use filler flowers to fill the space. This arrangement requires tall stemmed flowers and leaves, like roses, tulips, and carnations. Use forget-me-nots as filler flowers.

Horizontal Arrangement

Use a shallow vase for horizontal arrangement of flowers. Stick the foam in the vase and position the stem of leaves horizontally at the sides of the vase. Place the focal flower in the middle of the vase. Use foliage and filler blooms in and around the focal flowers to fill the vase. A single focal flower, mainly a rose, is used in this kind of arrangement.

L-shaped Arrangement

As the name suggests, flowers are arranged in an L shape. Secure the foam in the container and arrange the leaves or flowering stems in an L shape. Insert focal flowers within the L-shaped stems and add filler blooms to give it a symmetrical and well-balanced look. Flowers used for this arrangement are roses, gladiola, birds of paradise, etc.

Crescent Arrangement

A bowl-type container is best suited for this arrangement. Glue the foam to the container. Take a stem of leaves/flowers and bend it to give it a curved shape. Now, place this curved stem in the container to form a 'C' shape. To give it a balanced look, insert the focal bloom in the lower end and in the middle of the container.
Fill the vase with filler blooms all around the focal one. Flowers with flexible stems, like carnations and gladiola, can be used in such arrangements.

Oval Arrangement

One of the ideas used for flower arrangements in weddings is the oval arrangement. Stick the foam to the container. Determine the height that you want for your arrangement to have. Use light-colored flowers or leaves to give the outer edge of the oval shape.
Add the brightest colored flower in the focal area. Fill flowers and leaves around this to complete the oval shape. Roses are popularly used for this kind of arrangement.

Triangular Arrangement

For a triangular arrangement, take the leaves or flowering stems. Determine the height and width, and paste foam in the container. Position stems to make a triangular shape. Place focal flowers in the middle of the arrangement and fill the space around with filler flowers and foliage in keeping with the triangular shape.
Use roses, carnations, anthuriums, daisies or chrysanthemums as the focal flowers; and yellow peacock, white peacock, or forget-me-not as filler flowers.

Hogarth's Arrangement

This arrangement is shaped like an 'S', popularly known as Lazy S or Hogarth curve, after the English painter William Hogarth who came up with this design. For this arrangement, stick the foam in a pedestal or flat container. Gently bend the leaves or flower stem, and place them in an 'S' shape.
Place focal flower along the lines of the upper and lower curves. Retaining the 'S' shape, fill the space with filler blooms and foliage. You can use fern, eucalyptus, or cedar to make the 'S' shape curve.
You can opt for any of these floral arrangement ideas and come up with a creation that you always dreamed of for your wedding. So, go ahead and make sure that you have the most beautiful flower arrangement, exclusively created for your wedding.