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How to Make Wedding Bows

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Sep 29, 2018
Wedding bows are easy to make and they are a fun activity for your wedding. You can create a variety of bows in different colors. We will help you learn how to make wedding bows.
You want everything to be perfect and well-organized for weddings. You take a lot of time for planning and organize everything personally. You can save money on certain things and spend lavishly on some. You can save money by making your own wedding bows.

How to Make Wedding Bows Yourself

When making wedding bows, choose colors and patterns that match your wedding theme and colors. To make wedding bows, you will need the following material.
  • 9" wide organza roll
  • Thin floral wire paddle
  • Scissors
  • Pew Clips

Instructions To Make Wedding Bows for the Pew

  • Take organza ribbon of about three and a half inches long for making pew bows. This length will determine the size of your wedding bow. Take smaller or larger length of ribbon depending on the size you want.
  • Make a large loop in the center of the ribbon. Take the middle of the other side of the organza ribbon and loop it around the first loop. Insert the organza through the loop just created. Use your fingers to make the first loop to pull it through the loop. 
  • Using your fingers adjust the size and shape of the wedding bow by pulling at the tail ends of the organza.
  • Take a second ribbon of the same length as the first ribbon and wrap it around the front of the wedding bow. The second piece should be tied in the back. This will give an extra length and add to the flowing tail of the wedding bow. 
  • Use a transparent pew clip and secure it using a piece of floral wire. This will help you attach the wedding pew bows quickly on the day of your wedding.

Instructions to Make Wedding Floral Bow

  • Make a loop in the ribbon of 3½" length and continue to make loops to increase the size of the loops till the bow is full and there is enough ribbon length to make the other tail.
  • Use a floral wire and secure the center of the bow. Use your fingers to fan out the loops. The tail ends should be cut at an angle to complete the look of the bow.

Instructions to Make Multilayer Wedding Bow

  • Follow the instructions of the floral bow and make two or more bows each slightly smaller than the other.
  • Place the smaller bow over the larger bow. Make a wreath bow that is smaller than the small floral wedding bow. Place it over the smaller bow and connect the three bows using a floral wire. Your multilayer wedding bow is ready. 
There are many other types of wedding tying decorative bows that you can make yourself. When you make wedding bows yourself, it becomes a fun activity that you can share with your friends or even your partner. The wedding becomes even more special and memorable if such minor details are carried out by yourself.
You can add something extra to the normal wedding traditions with your creative ideas. You can surf the Internet for more ideas on how to make wedding bows. Try some unique wedding decoration ideas and give your creativity a new high!