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How to Make Your Own Wedding Decorations

Simple Tips on How to Make Your Own Classy Wedding Decorations

A wedding is an unforgettable occasion for any couple. There are various kinds of themes and ideas to make your wedding a memorable one. Here's few suggestions on how to make your own wedding decorations. Read on...
Wedessence Staff
Last Updated: Aug 27, 2018
Beach Wedding Setup
Wedding is an occasion to celebrate and enjoy. Personalize your wedding by making your own wedding decorations. Make your own wedding floral arrangements and bouquets too. Your creativity and imagination in creating wonderful decorations would enhance the beauty of a personalized wedding theme.
Flower Setting On The Beach
Instead of purchasing the streamers and other decorations from a departmental store, it would be a good idea to make your own wedding decorations.
Making Your Own Wedding Decorations
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Many of the decorations that you might have come across in marriages are made by professional craftspeople. However, you could make your wedding a memorable experience by making your own wedding decorations.
Look Out for Good Ideas
You can get ideas by flipping through magazines and books on such decorations. Remember to bookmark the ideas that catch your interest.
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For instance, if you are looking for floral arrangements, visit a few floral decoration shops. This would give you an idea regarding the various kinds of floral arrangements possible.
Organize Your Ideas
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Organize the various ideas you come across, in a file or a note book. This would be helpful in making your final decision regarding the decorations.
Decide the Theme
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Since you are making your own wedding decorations, it would be an awesome idea to have a wedding theme. Color scheme plays an important role in a wedding theme.
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You could choose your favorite color and plan on making various decorations keeping in mind the color scheme.
Budget is the important factor while deciding on the wedding decorations. The cost of making decorations should be taken into account. The reason is that decorations are just one part of your wedding celebrations. You would have to take into account the cost of your wedding dress, music, bouquets, food, and also the miscellaneous expenses that could crop up.
Wedding Decoration Themes
Wedding Decorations with Balloons and Flowers
One of the most popular wedding decoration ideas is using balloons. You could decorate your reception room, church, and also your bedroom using balloons. You could ask a few of your friends to help you in making a large balloon-arch.
Floral Wedding Decoration At Beach
Another wedding decoration you could make on your own is using flowers. Use either artificial flowers or real flowers depending on your floral decoration budget. If you are determined to use real flowers, it would be wise to use various seasonal flowers. Purchase these in bulk from local florists or get it directly from cultivators.
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Another option is using silk flowers for making floral arrangements and bouquets. Silk flowers are less expensive compared to real flowers. You could have a wonderful centerpiece floral arrangement using silk flowers.
Table Decorated with Pastel Colored Flowers
Wedding Table Decoration with Pastel Colored Flowers
Table Decorated with Apple and Candle
Wedding Table Decoration with Apple and Candle
Table Decorated with Roses and Pearls
Wedding Table Decoration with Roses and Pearls
Table Decorated with Canna Lily
Wedding Table Decoration with Canna Lily
Table Decorated with Colorful Floral Vase
Wedding Table Decoration with Colorful Floral Vase
Table Decorated with Pink Flowers
Wedding Table Decor with Pink Flowers
Floral Table Decoration
Table decoration is as important as a floral centerpiece. Decide on the color of your tablecloth. Use a neutral-colored tablecloth that is simple. An intricately patterned lace cloth over a plan tablecloth would look good too. Use simple china tableware. It would blend with any color scheme of your choice.
Making your own decorations would add a personal touch to your wedding. Once you have decided on the various wedding decorations, get the help of a couple of friends. Before you start on the decorations project, get a sample of decorations that were professionally made.
Determine the tools required for the wedding decoration project and assemble the same in a card box. This would make the work of making the decorations easy.