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How to Plan the Most Exotic Destination Wedding in Mexico

How to Plan a Destination Wedding in Mexico
With good weather, friendly locals, and tequila to spare, your destination wedding to Mexico is sure to be filled with local flavor and charm. Wedessence takes a look at the nitty-grities to bear in mind while planning a wedding getaway in Mexico.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
When in Mexico
Marriage is an important aspect of Mexican culture, which is why, the party often goes on until the wee hours of the morning, long enough to see the sun come up the next day.
From soft white sand to dramatic cliffs, and from historical escapades to charming chapels, Mexico has a variety of locations on offer for aspiring couples. Mexico is not only warm and welcoming, but also culturally interesting and visually appealing with miles and miles of beaches. With pristine beaches, tropical gardens, and an elegant wedding ceremony, Mexico is the place to be to have an exotic wedding.
Turn your special day into a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary experience by planning a ceremony amidst the soothing turquoise waters and soft white sands of Mexico. The good news about opting for all-inclusive wedding in Mexico is that it will not only make it possible for you to spend an enjoyable time with your loved ones, but it also is surprisingly much more economical than planning a wedding in your home town.
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Pick a Suitable Location
From sandy white beaches to the sacred scenery of Riviera Maya, Mexico has on offer enchanting destinations for exchanging vows. Make a list of the possible locations where you can have your wedding depending on your budget as well as the package each of these locations has on offer. With the numerous couples resorting to a destination wedding in Mexico, it makes sense to check availability well in advance.
To Opt or Not to Opt for a Wedding Planner
Most resorts in Mexico have their own wedding planners at hand, thus making things easier for you. However, there are quite a few wedding planners who are in reality travel agents, requiring you to book your travel and stay only through them. Should you choose to go through a third-party planner, you should remember that you could end up spending that bit extra.
Doing the Headcount
A destination wedding in Mexico is all about intimacy. Take a headcount of the number of guests you want at your ceremony. This list should obviously include only the dearest and best. This just means, consider the ones you would want at the ceremony, and of whom you can be sure they will be there for you no matter what. This implies that you need to send out the invitations well in advance with a RSVP attached, to confirm the number of guests attending your function.
The "I Do" of Legalities
Getting married in Mexico is a dream come true undoubtedly, but there are legalities that you have to complete to make your marriage valid. As per rules and regulations, you and your fiance would have to submit a marriage license application as well as have your tourist cards on hand if both of you are foreign nationals. For a civil marriage ceremony, a valid passport, and an original and copy of birth certificates, annotated and translated by an authorized translator certified in the Spanish language are required. You should contact the Oficinas del Registro Civil in the jurisdiction where you plan to get married. Do not forget to keep all your papers on hand, besides ensure that your witnesses are prepared with theirs.
Catering to the Accommodation of Guests
One of the most important aspects of a destination wedding is making your guests comfortable. While you are under no obligation to pay for your guests accommodation, making the needed arrangements definitely is your responsibility. What you need to keep in mind, is the locale or the wedding venue should be such that your guests would like to visit when on a holiday. Also, remember, accommodating your guests in the same hotel or resort as that of the wedding venue makes it even more convenient.
The Essentials of the Ceremony
Apart from the traveling, the stay, and the ceremony itself, you have to take care of all the minute details. Wedding catering is no joke, which is why, you need to sort through and book a caterer well in advance. While most Mexican resorts provide you with in-house caterers, photographers, and planners, it makes sense to ask if you can choose your own vendors to do your event.
The Nitty-gritty Issues
As an unspoken rule, carry your dress and accessories along instead of having it shipped to the venue. You can reduce the amount of luggage you tag along for the wedding by sending out the favors after you return from your honeymoon. Also, cater to the wedding theme well in advance if you want to avoid last-minute glitches.
Things to Keep in Mind
✎ Give yourself at least 6 to 8 months of prior planning.
✎ Count the number of guests attending on both sides.
✎ Organize the engagement, bridal shower, the bachelorette in your hometown for the other guests.
✎ Send out the invitations with the RSVP well in advance.
✎ You can change your hotel for your honeymoon.
✎ Decide on who pays for what beforehand to avoid confusion.
✎ Adhere to the etiquette of a destination wedding.
✎ Plan events to make your stay a memorable one.
Last but not the least, do consider the weather while deciding on the venue for your wedding, for you do not want to inconvenience yourself or your guests owing to bad weather.
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