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How to Plan an Amazing Disney-themed Wedding of Your Dreams

How to Plan a Disney-themed Wedding
Disney. The very name invokes nostalgia, tears of joy, sighs of wonder, and dreams of a world where everything is either breathtakingly beautiful, ridiculously cute, amazingly hilarious, or unashamedly sentimental. Is it a co-incidence then, that most dream (read: fairytale) weddings will be perfectly translated if they have a Disney-inspired theme?
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Nov 28, 2017
For the couple who wants to do it in true Disney style, get married at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, the Disney Resort at Aulani , or aboard the Disney Cruise Line.
Once upon a time, but not very long ago, there was a boy who met a girl. She was pretty, he was funny. She was fair as Snow White, he was as awesome as Aladdin. She was quirky, he was simplistic. She snorted when she laughed, he sneezed like a girl. She said she knew she loved him after she spent 7 hours with him. He told her she was crazy. She said she was crazy about him, he said he needed time to see if he was crazy too. She let him be, but never gave up. He realized he missed her snorty laughter, and decided he was as crazy about her as she was crazy about him. He asked her to marry him, and she said she knew he'd come around. She was Emma, he was Bruce.

That was the story of their love ... until it came to planning the wedding. And what a wedding it was. Their obvious love of Disney, the king of motion-picture fairytalery was showcased beautifully through the various aspects of the wedding as you will see further below. It was the perfect balance of all things Disney, not too childish, not to snooty either, but bright and cheerful all the way, just like a Disney movie marathon. We have gathered some of the choicest images here. The ideas can be restyled to plan a Disney-themed wedding to a tee.
The Princess and the Frog Save the Date
Princess and frog save the date
How adorable is this little save-the-date. Of course, there are scores of other options you can explore. This is just a glimpse of the cuteness that can come from using Disney as a wedding theme.
The Cinderella Invites
Cinderella themed invite
Silhouettes are the perfect way to keep the mystery alive and have your guests guessing what the theme of the wedding will be. Give away subtle hints, but not all of it.
The Aladdin-inspired D├ęcor
Aladdin inspired decor
Let the guests enjoy in true Arabian style. Cozy, comfortable seating amidst the shade of trees in a garden: doesn't get better than this. Erm ... yes, we do suggest an outdoor wedding to fully exploit the theme in question.
The Tea Party Cupcakes
Tea party cupcake
For any kind of theme, it's all about the little details. The "tea party" inspiration is quite evident in this masterpiece of a cupcake. After all, it's the fine detail that leaves us awestruck, isn't it?
The Alice Bridesmaids and Mad Hatter Groomsmen
Mad Hatter
This is just one of the many Disney duos that can be chosen for your bridesmaids and groomsmen to dress up as. There's Belle and the Beast, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, and Tarzan and Jane, among others.
The Snow White Bride
Woman with apple
OK, she is the bride after all. Not that you can't go all out and dress like it's a costume party, but there should be some semblance to a bridal outfit. The hot red lipstick (on lips red as the rose) and the bright red headband (in hair black as ebony) when combined with the big, juicy, deep red apple make for the perfect Snow White look.
The Aladdin Groom
Man in oriental costume
We know that if Snow White is the bride, the groom must be a prince. But since life isn't really a fairytale and because it's their wedding day after all, they can be whoever they choose to be. Even if it means Snow White has to marry Aladdin and they both have a mad tea (after)party.
The Seven Dwarfs Cake
Yes, this is most definitely a pattern that you see. The Snow White bride loves herself a Seven Dwarfs cake. You can choose to do the same, or go with a cake from a totally different story of your choice.
While we think that picking favorites and incorporating them in all elements is sufficient, you can most definitely explore the plethora of movies that Disney has so graciously given us, and add touches of as many as you want to in your Disney-themed wedding.