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How to Plan a Lavishly Glamorous Hollywood-themed Wedding

How to Plan a Glamorous Hollywood-themed Wedding
Think Hollywood, and your mind conjures images of glamor, panache, elegance, and chicness. Think about incorporating this into your wedding, and you're going to have one that oozes all the above, and more. Let's look at what it takes to plan a Hollywood-themed wedding with the flair it deserves.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Hollywood Calling!
The key to planning an authentic Hollywood wedding is a combination of classic (1940s - 50s) ideas with the rigorous and meticulous planning of contemporary weddings.
While it may not be as expensive as filming a movie, planning a movie-themed wedding is just as tedious. The painstaking attention to detail that's required can rival any wedding theme, but with a Hollywood theme, there's the added pressure of it having to be perfectly accurate, with all the 'I's dotted and all the 't's crossed.

So, if you've chosen this theme for your wedding, or are even considering it, be prepared for some super-detailed planning and of course, a whole lot of fun.
A glamorous Hollywood wedding immediately translates to old Hollywood. Yes, we know that contemporary Hollywood is glamorous as ever too, but it's the essence of luxury and splendor of old times that you want to capture for your wedding, trust us. Today's industry is more modern and sleek, something that can be glamorous too, but not as much as that of the yesteryear. So, assuming you're fully convinced that this is the way you must go, we've enlisted some of the basics that you need to keep in mind when planning the wedding.
  • The Colors: Classic Hollywood screams a perfect blend of style and class, something that is best showcased with colors like black, white, silver, gold, and red. Keep these as the base colors throughout the wedding. You can use others as well, but these should be the staples.
  • The Style: Since glamorous is what you're aiming for, use elements that have ornate detailing and patterns. We've shared some images below that might help you understand this better.
Lights! Camera! Action!
Here, we've divided the different stages of the wedding and tried to include inspiration for as many aspects as we could to help you plan the wedding to a tee, so excuse us if we've missed out on some.
Pre-production: Invites and More
Movie concept wedding invite
This is just an idea of the kind of concept you can use for your save-the-dates, invitations, RSVPs, and any other wedding correspondence you may have.
Production: Attire, Decor, Food, Tables
Little girl in vintage outfit and umbrella
Why limit the oomph to yourself? Let your flower girl dabble in the glamor too with an elegant umbrella and a vintage-inspired, full-length outfit.
Bridesmaid and groomsmen
Black is the color to drape your bridesmaids and groomsmen in. Tuxes for the guys and something fashionably retro for the girls: perfecto!
Bride and groom
A tux for the groom (notice the smashing sunnies that make him look like a film star) and a strapless gown with a longish train to depict the Hollywood diva look for the bride.
Accessories for Hollywood wedding
A gorgeous orchid boutonniere with silver or gold string will be perfect for the groom. A pretty beaded bag, classy sandals in tones of gold and black, and a classic blusher with feathers: a Hollywood bride's BFFs.
Red carpet
No Hollywood event is complete without a red carpet, so why should your wedding be different? Welcome your guests in true Hollywood style.
Paparazzi at Hollywood wedding
Hire people to pose as paparazzi, and click pictures of your guests as they enter the venue. Doesn't get more Hollywood than this.
Decor at Hollywood wedding
A vintage theater entrance sign, a 'now playing' board, and posters of cinema greats: great ways to get your guests in the mood for a rocking party.
Gone with wind quote framed as decor
Frame favorite quotes from movies and hang them at different spots at the venue. They will serve as entertainment as well as decor.
Cake and popcorn at Hollywood wedding
The cake will best scream Hollywood if it is in keeping with the black and white color scheme. Cupcakes and flavored popcorn in movie-inspired wrapping are must-haves at the dessert bar.
Tables at Hollywood wedding
Table numbers along with escort and place cards are the easiest to design as you can very well see from the images here. As for the tables, keep them rich, luxurious, and extravagant with candelabras and flowers.
Post-production: Favors
Favors at Hollywood wedding
Notice the intricate design on the gold-wrapped favors; that's what we were talking about earlier. Something funky like the image on the right will work as well, especially if the color scheme is kept in mind.
And that's how you spell Hollywood: G-L-A-M-O-R! So go on, and enchant your guests with a dose of style and a dash of zing!