How to Plan a Wedding in 3 Months

If you want to know how to plan a wedding in 3 months, we shall tell you all that you need to know. From the pre-wedding preparations to the honeymoon, you'll find tips to help you in the article below. Also listed are a few things you need to take care of while planning the wedding in just three months. Check them out!
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There are times when we need to plan a wedding in barely a quarter of a year and it suddenly seems like an impossible task. There is nothing ready but a dream of getting married and some 3 odd months to make it come true in the best possible way. Since it is your wedding, you don't want to compromise on even the minutest details, isn't it? It's said that proper planning and efficient efforts can possibly make everything happen, irrespective of the number of problems involved. A wedding is also possible in just three months if you plan it properly. Execution is never a problem if you have a plan that is rational and proper. Having said that, let's now proceed to the tips on planning a wedding in 3 months. Remember, these three months are going to be tough so don't lose hope and keep trying to make it happen, the best way possible.
How You Can Effortlessly Plan a Wedding in 3 Months
Pre-Wedding Preparations List
The best way to start planning is by making a pre-wedding preparations list and writing down everything that needs to be done. You can later plan the things according to their priority, to make the planning more effective. Few of the main things in the list will be the venue, the invitations, the attire and the favors. Apart from these, there are other occasions you need to take care of too, such as the rehearsal dinner and choosing the bridesmaids and informing them about the wedding so that they can prepare for it too. You also need to pay attention to the catering services and the decorations at the venue.
Hire a Wedding Planner
To make your job simpler, you can hire a wedding planner. Again, hiring a wedding planner is not the end of your responsibilities. You will have to provide him/her with all the details such as the names, numbers and addresses of people you want to invite, and the theme you have in mind. All this can be done solely by you and these things take time too. However, hiring a wedding planner will mean sharing more than half of your responsibilities. To find a wedding planner, you can browse through the Yellow pages, or ask people around you for contacts if they have any.
Theme Scheme
If you want to know how to plan a wedding in 3 months, this is perhaps another easy way out. Decide a theme for your wedding and once you have decided that, the rest becomes easy. Your attire, the decorations, the invitations and the cuisines will be decided in accordance to the theme which will make it easier for you to plan. The number of options you will have to choose from, will also reduce considerably. Victorian weddings and beach weddings are some of the most famous examples wedding themes. You will have to decide the theme in accordance with the season, as different seasons demand different themes.
Ask for Help
Asking friends and family for help is perhaps the best way to plan everything in time. Planning a wedding is a big responsibility and most of the time, friends and relatives themselves offer help which in this case, you should in no way turn down. When you make the wedding preparations checklist, write down names of people who can get those things done faster and request them to do those things for you. Don't think twice before asking for help as this way you'll have people who can help you with things that aren't on a priority and you, in turn, can focus more on things that need your complete attention.
Book The Tickets
A wedding is not really completely planned if you don't plan the honeymoon, isn't it? Make a list of places you want to visit and together, you and your would be husband can zero in on one place. As soon as you have decided the place you want to visit, you can go ahead and book the tickets. This way, you'll get the tickets cheaper and you'll have checked on one thing amongst the checklist in no time. Also, you can hire a traveling agent to make arrangements at the destination you have decided.
Now that these tips have told you how to plan a wedding in 3 months, you can breathe a sigh of relief and relax a little. Focus more on planning well, as you can't afford to stress yourself before your wedding and look all tired on the big day itself. If you follow the wedding planning and preparation tips and plan all that you need to according to them, you will certainly save a lot of time and money as well. Dedicate one day to just plan everything and start executing it from the next day. Hope you have a blast! Best of Luck!
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