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How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget
It is inevitable for soon to be wed couples to fret over how to plan a wedding on a budget. Put your worries aside because all it takes is some simple things that can make your wedding an unforgettably beautiful and penny-wise event.
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Planning a wedding on a budget can save you big bucks for better purchases. It is a wise decision to make a strict budget for your wedding, as the saved funds can be used for a meaningful purpose. Although, the expenses may be shared, the task is equally painful and stressful for both the parties. Thus, drawing a cost sheet of your wedding can save you from a truckload of troubles. It is a tad tricky affair to plan a low-budget wedding, but with a little extra effort and imagination it can be executed with the perfect grace.
Planning a Wedding on a Budget
Off Season Wedding
Winter weddings are a rage everywhere. With a score of couples trying to ring the wedding bells, the wedding venue prices are pretentiously hiked. Avoid yourself the misery of fighting for this sought after slot and save your pocket from an irreparable burnout. Pick a weekday for you wedding, the vendors tend to charge more for weekend weddings, knowing the attendance will be full. Weekday weddings aren't meant to discourage your guests, but to save the money that will be unnecessarily spent on renting the venue, car, lights, tables and other such stuff on a weekend.
Flowers and Decorations
Exotic flowers are sure to add the 'wow' factor to your wedding. However, they will also make a massive hole in your wallet. Also, where is the need to have off seasonal flowers for wedding decor, when they are conveniently thrown into the dustbin the very next day. Instead go in for paper, silk or dried flowers which can be found all year round. Such flowers are easily available in departmental stores or can be made at home too. Flowers are the biggest expense in most of the weddings, which can be easily avoided if you shop for them wisely. Decorations such as centerpieces, landscaping or stage can cost you a bomb. Drop these costs and use your imagination a little to decorate your own wedding party. Decorations for the weddings can be rented out or made at home the wedding is a small one.
Number of Guests
A wedding is an intimate affair to mark the beginning of a marriage. Maintain its sanctity by inviting only those who would shower their honest blessings on you. Making your wedding a grand party or a PR exercise, would shoot up your budget. Sit down with your parents and your fiance's parents, to make a list of guests for your wedding. Doing it together, will help all of you to reach logical conclusion to make an invitation list. Remember that, every additional person on the list is going to make a substantial difference to your budget.
Wedding Favors
Wedding favors are memorabilia where you can easily cut corners. Instead of shopping online for fancy gift articles, head to the nearest dollar store to pick your gifts. These are less expensive and you may also bag a discount when you buy in bulk. In case you are looking to have a meaningful wedding favor, make a donation to a cause that is close your heart. Most of the wedding favors we receive are flung away somewhere, never to used or seen again. So, what is the point of this additional expense. Cut it entirely by helping someone with that money.
Important Tips
  • Early bird gets the worm. So if you want to get the best of everything begin sooner than later. Planning your wedding in advance will prevent occurrence of a colossal chaos and following conundrum.
  • The wedding is about you and your fiance, as opposed to respective set of parents. Fulfilling your parents wishes is one thing, but let them take over your plans for the wedding, will surely kill the budget, as every decision holds a high probability of seeming like one in vain, in retrospect.
  • Hire a photographer who knows his skill and not just the money he wishes to make. Better still, ask your friend to do the job. It might turn out to be an opportunity for him!
  • Hiring a hairstylist is fine. However, buy the material required by yourself to reduce the unnecessary expenses.
The most important factor while planning a wedding on a budget, is not hiring a wedding planner. What's the point of paying some exorbitant commission, when you can use it for your home decor later. A wedding is supposed to be a union of two souls in love and not a party for people who don't mean much.
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