How to Plan a Wedding Shower

Want to know how to plan a wedding shower? Of course that is if you already did not know about it! Scan through the article below to get an overview of the same.
Wedessence Staff
Wedding - wow! This one small word is enough to throw the life of those at center of this event in a tizzy. Women brace themselves for their attire, makeup and other things and the wedding preparations and overall it is a complete chaos, with a uniformity and pattern. Ironic? Well it is, but that is how a wedding is. Those women are in charge of the preparations have a minimum of 100 things on their mind from the smallest one in the pre-wedding events to the post wedding party. One of the umpteen (which is actually an under statement) things which is a must before the wedding is the wedding shower. Now the bride would already be having butterflies in her stomach and goose bumps. To ease out the tension and as a prelude to the festivities, close friends of the bride and the groom may throw a wedding or bridal shower. If you are a first timer, then you might want to know how to plan a wedding shower. If you are reading this text till now, you will surely do it further!
Planning a Wedding Shower
A wedding shower is not a single block, one thing. There are a lot of things which go into the process of throwing a bridal shower. An overview of these essential things warrants a description.
The Red Carpet List
A guest list is the first thing in your wedding shower list. Unless you know how many people have to be invited, you cannot decide the venue and other logistics. So that list has to be chalked out immediately once the talk about the shower comes up. Those who are not going to be called for wedding, shouldn't be called for the wedding shower as well. The list should be as compact as possible.
The W's of Wedding Shower
'When' and 'where' are the questions which irrevocably crop up in any ceremony and there is nothing different with wedding shower as well. So for smooth sailing in the wedding shower, once this issue is sorted out, half the job is done. This is the aspect which takes maximum time. Once the guest list is fixed, these arrangements can be done.
What is the Theme
Well, when planning a wedding shower, theme and related decorations have to come next. Is it going to be an all girls affair or otherwise, with both guys and girls? Is there going to be some theme - Victorian, 60's or 70's? Or anything funny? You can always look up some wedding shower ideas for the same. Decide on a theme as fast you can after the initial things are arranged. The arrangements and decorations will have to be done accordingly so this has to be zeroed in on as soon as possible. Make a list of things you would require for the decorations.
Gourmet Delight
Food is the next thing which has to be tackled after the theme and stuff. Food again may be based on the wedding shower theme but it is not necessary. A cake is a must though! The other parts of the menu will come later!
Gaming and Recreation Zone
Last, thing which although is not a hardcore must have on the list but is fun to have are wedding shower games and other wedding shower activities. These things can again be based on the theme, but it is not a rule. A wedding shower gets the required spice with these small things.
These are the basic things you need for a wedding shower to be a hit! You will have to prepare a tentative budget for the wedding shower. At the end of the party, do not forget to give shower favors. Homemade favors would be even better.
For planning a wedding shower all you need is to have a bit of planning skills in you and most of all the desire to do so! This reminds me that you can host the wedding shower with a couple of months of the wedding till a couple of weeks before the wedding! So if you are planning one, don't be too late! All the best!