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How to Renew Your Wedding Vows

Cheryl Hearts Jul 20, 2019
It’s one of the most romantic traditions which married couples can establish. At the beginning of any relationship, you feel butterflies in your stomach, you are eager to go on dates with your significant other, the romance is in the air, etc.
It is, however, completely fine that you don’t feel those butterflies in your stomach that often now, because you have a ton of other things to appreciate in your relationship.
There are ways to reaffirm your love – renew the wedding vows. It’s precious when couples preserve their love through ages, so why not celebrate this by renewing your vows. You can recall the feelings when you were at the altar, giving vows, promising love to each other.
You can turn time back, thanks to such a ceremony. It doesn’t matter whether you were married yesterday, a month ago, a year ago, or even thirty years ago, you still can celebrate your love by arranging a vow renewal.
Some people prefer vow renewal as a celebration of special anniversaries, such as 5th year, 10th year, 25th year anniversaries, etc. Others hate waiting and confirm their love each year by renewing vows. It’s only up to you and your significant other, to decide the perfect time.

How to Organize the Ceremony

You might feel confused and have dozens of questions concerning vows renewal ceremony. For instance, whether you need an official license to do that, or if you have to register this event, etc. You should find out about several things before starting to organize this event.
For instance, you don’t need to organize a bachelor or a bachelorette party since it’s not an actual marriage, etc.

Rules for Vows Renewal

It’s not a legal ceremony. Neither is it illegal, it just doesn’t require officials to register your marriage. If you want to, you can go to the church and ask your minister to become your officiant. Although, sometimes ministers ask to show your marriage certificate to ensure that you are officially married.
Keep the ceremony simple. You don’t need an orchestra to make this day special. Invite your closest friends, family members, plan a celebration afterwards. You can find a perfect place where you can arrange the ceremony, for example, on a beach, in a beautiful garden that is large enough to host your guests, etc.
Write your vows. Don’t include anything negative in your vows, even if it is a joke. Saying something negative might ruin this special moment. Focus on everything good that you have experienced with your partner. Recall all the happy moments in your mind and write why you appreciate your partner.
You can exchange rings while reading vows, buy new rings, or just tell the vows without rings exchange. But if you decide to exchange rings, you might want them blessed instead of buying new ones. If you have kids, you might ask them to hold the rings during the ceremony.
The basic idea of vows renewal is to celebrate your anniversary. You don’t need to invite officials, you just need to organize a celebration of your love. Of course, you will have to invite people at least a month before, so that everyone could fit this event in their schedules.
The most difficult might be choosing the place where you plan to host this ceremony. Traditionally people use ceremony halls or church. But you might consider other romantic places. You might know some romantic places in your city, but always ensure that you get a booking for yourself.
Even if you want to celebrate on a beach, you might want to choose a private beach instead of a public beach. The public beach you choose might be secluded most of the time, but still you can’t guarantee that it will be free on the day of your ceremony. So, try to pick places that fit your preferences.
After you renew your vows, you might want to proceed with the celebration. It is a good idea to book a restaurant. When picking the place to reconfirm your love, you might want to book a place where you can tell vows and quickly proceed with your celebrations at a banquet hall.
You might host this ceremony at your house, especially if you have a beautiful garden. The most important thing is the vows. Make them special to make your love live forever.

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