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How to Walk Down the Aisle

Walking down the aisle has its art, its style and its distinct way. And to know how to walk down the aisle in the most perfect manner, read through this article that is about anything else but.
Wedessence Staff
The perfect bride. Oh we all know that's what you want to be. The wedding day draws closer and you're turning into bridezilla (in your head, of course) wanting everything to work out just right. A small thought enters - what about the walking down the aisle? Is it really that important? You try to dismiss it. Pause. Is it important to know how to walk down the aisle, you ask? To walk in a manner like you're gliding through silk? With all eyes on you and that grand gown swishing about? In the background the wedding song playing its soothing tune. Is it really important to understand the nuances of walking down the aisle? If it isn't, darlin', you tell me what is.
You can picture it now, can't you? The thousands of things that you've minutely handled to make your wedding day the most perfect day in your life. The excruciating details that you've taken care of to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Then why would walking the aisle not be an important detail? Ask yourself that. Got your answer? Good. Let's get on to learning just how to go about it then. To make an impression and to fill some with envy.
Creative Ways to Walk Down the Aisle
You walk everyday, how difficult can it be, right? Well, yeah. Logically. But let's not get logic in to spoil something wonderful here. Hardly can you compare walking the aisle with everyday walking, you know?
Walking down the beautifully decorated aisle has a purpose. A purpose to walk like you know that everyone's eyes are on you and you're enjoying it, to walk like the groom knows how lucky he is to have you and to walk so that every girl in that wedding wants to be a bride just like you when she grows up and gets married.
It's All in the Shoes...
It's really all in the shoes. High heels, wedges, pumps, stilettos, flats (A no-no if you can help it) - the choices may be many, but what to choose is finally up to you. High heels will give you the poise and the stance that brings with it glamor and grace. But if you don't know how to walk in them, you're just setting yourself up for tripping and worse. Remember that you have to wear them for a long period of time, so while you may be tempted to go in for the uber cool stilettos, understand that it might not be the ideal choice. Maybe a wider heel will be better for balance and will allow you the same amount of poise? Choose wisely. And do not forget to practice walking in them so that everything goes smoothly. Then again, if you're used to wearing high heels all your life and you're confident you can pull it off, there's nothing like it.
Smile a Little Smile...
Of course you're going to be nervous. It's not everyday that you walk in front of a congregation, all looking at silence. But remember that they're all there praying for you and are very, very happy. So you smile for them. But more importantly, you smile for you and you smile for him. Smile and you'll see the nervousness evaporating. Smile and you'll start feeling the joy that might be a little clouded with your nervousness.
The Gown and How it Works...
So, do not trip on the dress. Number one. And number two, make sure that the dress allows you to walk properly. And how is that going to happen? Practice walking over and over again. With the shoes, with the gown and without the frown (Couldn't help giving in to that one). And when you're walking, make sure that you do not clutch the bouquet to your chest. Lower
it so that people can see the design on the gown.
The Body Language and all That Jazz...
And now to the most important part - walking the walk. Here's what you do - Take deep breaths to calm yourself down, then ease the tension in your shoulders by dropping them. While everyone stands to greet you in, you pause, giving everyone the time to stand. This way you'll allow them to take a good look at you and you can take in some breaths to calm yourself down. When you pause make sure that you inform your father or the person walking you down the aisle to wait it out with you as well. This fact is often ignored and can lead to a shabby entry, unless you're walking alone. (The points still count, BTW). Never speed through the walk. Walk s-l-o-w-l-y. Slower than what you're imagining in your head. Walking slowly will prevent any mishap from happening and it will lend more grace to your walk. For that is exactly how the walk should go.
You're bound to be nervous, that's a given, but with these steps taken care of, the nervousness will be considerably lowered, you know? Then all you have to do is look at him looking at you and smile a smile that only a bride can.