Humorous Wedding Vows

Make your wedding extra special with humorous wedding vows and see how it keeps the atmosphere light in an already sentimental scenario! Check out the article below for some ideas.
Wedessence Staff
The D-day is almost around the corner and the stage is all set for the bride and the groom to tie the knot. The wedding day is going to be a rollicking affair. Why wouldn't it be, with all the great arrangements and the bride and the groom perfectly in love with each other! Moreover, the bride and groom get to express their undying love and respect for each other through their wedding vows. These vows need not be very sentimental and tear inducing; they can be rib-tickling as well! If you are thinking how wedding vows could tickle your funny bone, here a few examples.
  • Groom: I promise to love you as much as the Chicago Cubs and not hold your red-and-white striped dress against you. From this day ahead, I will listen to all of your complaints about the mall if you say them in off season, and promise to retire my baseball cap and do face painting for public outings. I will love you in sickness and in health, from this day forward, till death parts us, or you become a White Sox fan.
    Bride: I promise to love you as much as I love my credit card and not hold your poor fashion sense against you. I will only show you my new clothes during commercial breaks. From this day forward, I will make sure your lucky shirt is washed for every game day, and will have plenty of potato chips on hand. I will love you for richer or for poorer, as long as our credit limit stays high.
  • Pastor: Will you love her when you're fit,
    And also when you're feeling sick?
    Groom: Yes, I'll love her when we're fit,
    And when we're hurt, and when we're sick,
    And I will love her when we're rich
    And I will love her in a ditch
    And I will love through good and bad,
    And I will love when glad or sad,
    And I will have, and I will hold
    Ten years from now a thousandfold,
    Yes, I will love for my whole life.
  • I, Janet, promise to love and cherish you, Phillip, for the rest of our lives, even through your love for sports cars, dirt bikes, and Fender guitars.
  • I, Amelia, promise to love you, Ricky, forever and always from this day forward. I promise to learn how to cook your favorite meals and never criticize your mother. I promise to keep the house relatively clean, except on Lost nights. I will give you full reign of the remote control otherwise. For this is my promise to my one true love and partner for life.
You can come up with many more humorous vows. A few tips will help you make up funny wedding vows that have a tinge of humor. It will relieve the apprehension and a bit of tension in the air, if any. Here are some tips on vows for the grooms and the brides as well.
Tips for Writing Humorous Vows
  • Consider incorporating rare and lesser known details about your spouse; for instance, his or her hobbies and interests.
  • Take care that while adding the funny and humorous touch, you are not offending anyone or anything.
  • It is better to avoid including things in your wedding vows which only the two of you can relate to and understand.
  • Think of putting something which both of you are interested in.
  • Adding a funny quote can make the wedding vow a good one.
  • It is important to take care that the humor and fun is added keeping in mind the people who are going to attend the wedding.
Most importantly, be genuine and never forget to say what you mean! These tips would hopefully help you come up with some really humorous wedding vows.