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Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Mar 14, 2019
A hydrangea bridal bouquet looks elegant as a simple design or a more complex pattern. With easily available floral components and supplies, you can make this lovely bouquet on your own.
While planning for weddings, we usually make flowers the base element, from which the theme and color of the celebration are decided. Fresh, cut seasonal blooms are much preferred for arranging bouquets and decorating reception.
If you are having difficulty in deciding flower types for your special day, consider selecting roses, hydrangeas, lilies and tulips. And to make it special and memorable, try your hands on arranging homemade bridal bouquets.
A simple to arrange flower is hydrangea, with dozens of small blooms in a single stem. You can make a bridal bouquet by blending hydrangeas with roses, daisies, lilies and other complementing flowers, and bridesmaid bouquets exclusively with hydrangeas.
Thus, according to your choice, you have an option of arranging a simple bouquet with fillers or a more complex design with other flowers. Either way, hydrangea wedding bouquets look lovely in a unique way.

How to Make a Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet?

A single flowering stem of hydrangea resembles a bouquet by itself, with compact blooms borne in a globular design. You can explore your creativity and flower arrangement ideas to make these attractive flowers look special.
Before ordering for flowers, first decide color of hydrangea, other complementing flowers and size of the bouquet that you want to make. Accordingly, you can discuss with the florist and give order for flower delivery.
● To arrange an elegant hydrangea bouquet, you will need five stems of white hydrangea, greenery (polycia leaves, ivy or fern), fillers (baby's breath, calla lily, yellow rose or red rose), floral tape, ribbon (white or other color) and rubber bands.
● Except the fresh bridal flowers, greenery and fillers, you can purchase other supplies one week before the special day. For flowers, you can ask for delivery, one or two days before the wedding. To make color variance, use hydrangeas of two different colors.
● As you are ready with required supplies, start with preparing the hydrangeas, fillers and greeneries. You can cut the stalks to a nearly equal length and remove any damaged parts. If necessary, trim the ferns or greenery, so that they do not overpower other floral components.
● Place hydrangea stems in the center and surround them with the green component. In between the hydrangeas, you can insert fillers, making sure that they are placed evenly. Hold the stem together and make necessary adjustments, so that the top of the bouquet appears round, but not flat.
● Once you are satisfied with the appearance and size of the bouquet, tie the stems by using rubber bands. The first should be tied immediately below the flowers. Then, place another at the near base of the bouquet. In between the two, you can tie the remaining rubber bands.
● You are almost done with arranging the bouquet. It is time to hide exposed rubber bands and stems by winding a thick layer of floral tape. Give a finishing touch by tying ribbons in knots and flowing ends
So, this is how you can arrange white hydrangea bridal bouquet in an easy way. Using a bouquet holder with floral foam will simplify the step of arranging the components. In case you are already an expert in arranging flowers, implement your own ideas to give a personalized touch.
Being a versatile flower, hydrangeas complement any type of wedding flower arrangements. From decorating the aisle and arch to making bridesmaid bouquets, centerpieces and hair accessories, these lovely blooms are not behind any other wedding flowers that you can think of.