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Hydrangea Wedding Bouquets

Hydrangea Wedding Bouquets

The bouquet that the bride carries while walking down the aisle is as much an important part of the big day as is the bride, groom, cake, and the guests. Hydrangea bouquets are your best bet if you are looking for something that is exotic and beautiful, yet simple and humble. This article guides you with ideas and tips if your choice of flowers for the bouquet is hydrangeas.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
Flowers are incredible and an inevitable part of wedding decorations. Whether it's an eye-catching table centerpiece or a beautiful bridal bouquet, flowers are wonderful decorative elements that add beauty and romance to the atmosphere at a wedding. Deciding the use and versatile arrangements of flowers for your wedding is indeed a challenging task with so many elements to be considered, like the climate and season, theme, budget, etc. For example, certain flowers are available in an abundant quantity in a particular season, like, fall or spring. Choosing such season-based flowers can aid in easy availability and a fair price.

If you are planning to get married in spring or autumn, hydrangeas are the best flowers you can work with. They bloom in the period between early spring and late autumn and hence, are a perfect choice for spring and autumn weddings. These flowers are small clustered blooms that look like pom poms. They are versatile and are available in various colors, hence are perfect flowers for making wedding bouquets.
Hydrangeas are available in various colors, that include shades of, purple, pink, blue, and white. Since they are available in such a large variety of colors, they can be used in many ways to create elegant bouquets. Hydrangea bridal bouquet can be prepared by mixing and matching combinations of different hydrangeas. You can form a scattered bouquet, where the hydrangeas can be combined with other wedding flowers like, roses, lilies, daisies, etc.

Mophead, lacecap, annabelle, oakleaf, and panicle are the five basic varieties of hydrangea. Each of these varieties comes in different colors, like mophead is available in pink and blue, while annabelle is available only in white. Flowers that come under panicle, are cone-shaped and are quite different from other varieties. This versatility and simplistic, yet splendid appearance has made them extremely popular.
White Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet
Dark Blue Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet
White Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet
Pink Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet
Making a Bouquet
You will need, baby breathes, bouquet holder with foam, pink ribbon, polycia leaves, and pink-colored hydrangea. Before you start, soak the bouquet holder in water and then leave it to absorb maximum amount of water. Once it has soaked up all the water, arrange the ploycia leaves in such a way that it forms a round collar around the bouquet holder. Next, take the baby breathes and arrange them to form one more collar above the polycia leaves. While arranging these leaves and baby breathes, make sure you leave enough space for hydrangea flowers. After the leaves and baby breathes have been arranged, insert the pink ribbon through the floral wire on the bouquet holder. Then, cut out small branches of the hydrangeas and then insert them on the bouquet holder to form a ball shape. To ensure the round shape of the bouquet, insert the flowers by holding the bouquet in vertical manner so that it faces you.
Making these bouquets is very easy, since the natural shape of these flowers is like a bouquet. But, there are a few drawbacks, too. These flowers are sensitive and dehydrate very soon due to heat. Hence, you need to order the bouquets just before the wedding. Hydrangea stems are weak and can cause the flowers to drop. Thus, you should use strong bouquet bases when using these flowers. But, in spite of all these drawbacks, many brides choose hydrangeas for wedding bouquets, because of their natural exotic beauty.
Pink Flowers
Hydrangea Yellow
Potted Pink Hydrangea Flowers Bouquet
Hydrangea Bloom