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Ideas for Beach Theme Weddings

Ideas for Beach Theme Weddings

One of the many fun themes for weddings is the beach theme. Beach theme weddings require details and attire that are slightly different from the traditional weddings. These weddings are more of an informal affair than most of the traditional weddings. If you want to get married in a casual, fun-filled, open atmosphere, beach wedding is the right choice for you.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
A beach theme wedding is suitable for warm and sunny places. The most important part of this theme is without a doubt, a beach. You can always tie the knot on a public beach or rent a private one. Public beaches are more popular spots for getting married. But these places maybe filled with a lot of people and be a bit messy.
Spot Hunting
Once you have decided to have a beach wedding, the best way to choose a spot for your ceremony is by taking a long walk down the beach with your soon to be better half. Choose a location that is away from the crowd and is quiet and secluded.

Speak to the local authorities and tourism board regarding the traffic conditions on your wedding date. Ask if there is any parking fee to be paid by the visiting guests. See if the spot is easily accessible and consider the length of walk from the parking area to the beach.
Beach weddings are a casual affair. Your guests can be dressed in casual, comfortable dresses. You can ask everyone to dress up in colorful shirts and shorts. You can wear a pale sea green wedding dress and add pearls to your hair. The wedding party maybe asked to dress up in dark green wedding dresses. The wedding cake can be decorated with seashells and green ivy. You can place huge prompts of dolphins, mermaids, star fish, and sea turtles around the area to bring out the beach look.

To give a more Hawaiian feel, your wedding party can dress up in the grass hula skirts with the traditional floral neck and head wreaths. They can come bare feet or wear flip-flops to add to the essence of Hawaii.

You can even plan a pirate theme on the beach. Ask your family and guests to dress up in pirate costumes and decorate the area with treasure chests full of fake jewelry and gold coins. The groom can even wear a patch on one eye and a hook on one hand to add to the theme of pirates.
Venue decorations
For the wedding reception, toss in the beach towels or blankets. Spread the blankets in the sand so that the guests can stretch and enjoy the wedding. Decorate the sand pails and tools. The kids will love playing with them later in the day. You can create a rainbow on the aisle using helium-filled balloons tied together. Place a 'pot of gold' at the ends of the balloon strings.

You can decorate the wedding area with fishing gear and hooks or place surfboards around like a wall and 'surf-up' everyone's spirit. Have a beautiful sand castle build in the background. You can dress up like a princess and get married to your prince charming. The couple can leave in a horse-drawn carriage to end the occasion in a fairytale theme.

You may even raise temporary tiki huts to say your wedding vows. These huts are an excellent way to take shelter from the hot sun and enjoy the beach wedding. Hang shell wind chimes from the tiki hut to complete the musical ambiance.
Music, Food, and Table Decorations
The wedding music can consist of steel drums and calypso rhythms. You can even have live bands playing romantic melodies to fill the air with love. The menu should be based on seafood. Coconut water can be served as a cooling drink. The wedding reception table decorations should have seashells and starfish scattered around. The wedding centerpieces should be decorated according to the beach theme. There are many beach theme serving sets and cutlery available on the market that can be used for serving food.
You can use shell-shaped place card holders and shell-shaped bottle openers to add more details to your beach wedding theme. You can even place large umbrellas and chairs underneath for the guests to sit and enjoy the wedding.
Ideas for beach weddings are never-ending. It is an absolutely delightful moment kissing your bride with a beautiful sunset in the backdrop and the sound of surf crashing into the beach. Beach theme weddings are enjoyed by everyone, as long as mother nature doesn't decide to play a spoilsport. So if you are planning a romantic wedding, try giving a thought to a beach theme wedding.