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Ideas for Inexpensive Centerpieces

Reshma Jirage Nov 20, 2018
Wedding centerpieces, though an integral part of wedding decorations, can prove to be pretty expensive. However, you can save a lot by creating these on your own. Following are a few unique and budget-friendly ideas to do the same.
Centerpieces certainly add elegance and style to the wedding decorations. You would come across a large variety of these in the market, right from classic and traditional to contemporary and sensational. Floral arrangements are the traditional choice, and the most popular forms of these centerpieces.
However, this option can cost you a fortune if you are planning to have a large number of tables at the wedding reception. In such cases, you can opt for self-made centerpieces. Moreover, the materials required to make these can be easily found in the market.
Depending upon the color scheme and theme of your wedding, you can choose from a huge variety of cheap centerpieces. Try some of the following ideas.


You can select several candles of the same color and size and arrange them in a uniform pattern to create a beautiful effect with the lighting. Candles of varying colors, sizes, and shapes, arranged randomly will also render an appealing look.


Another unique idea would be a glass bowl filled with colorful marbles. This centerpiece will look extremely beautiful on the tables. You can use marbles of the same color and size or of different colors and sizes.


You can fill clear glass bowls with colorful candies such as jellybeans and create a lovely centerpiece.

Artificial Flowers

Instead of expensive floral centerpieces, you can opt for silk floral arrangements. You will find a huge variety of real-looking artificial flowers in the market. Use of these flowers offers you a unique opportunity to express your creativity.
You can arrange the flowers in various creative vases. Placing long-stemmed flowers such as calla lilies tied with a ribbon at the center of the table will look simple, yet beautiful. You can select the seasonal artificial flowers or the ones that suit your wedding theme.

Potted Plants

Another simple option would be to utilize potted plants as centerpieces. You can find a variety of inexpensive potted plants at greenhouses and home improvement stores.
Select those plants that complement the other wedding decorations and go well with the overall theme. You can also re-pot these plants into some artistic pots for a better effect.


Using colorful balloons is also an exceptional idea. You can choose printed or solid-patterned balloons that match the colors of the table linens. Using a piece of candy to weigh down the balloons is really effective and gives it a unique twist, all at the same time.
You can also gift the balloons to the guests at the end of the ceremony―children or otherwise.

Cubical Picture Frame

Use of a cubical picture frame for a centerpiece is also a great idea. Insert a photo of you with your partner into each side of the cube. This idea will offer you a great opportunity to express your individuality.
With a bit of creativity and imagination, you can create some stunning centerpieces at a very affordable price and make your wedding ceremony a memorable one.