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Ideas for a Peacock-themed Wedding to Take the Plunge in Style

Ideas for a Peacock-themed Wedding
The peacock color palette can add a distinct visual appeal to the overall wedding venue. A peacock-themed wedding is a unique idea that's slowly becoming popular these days. Here, you will find important tips and ideas on planning and organizing such a wedding.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Make Use of Artificial Peacock Feathers
Not only the colors, you can add peacock feathers in a bridal bouquet, as a boutonnière, for centerpieces, as an escort or a place card, and even for the wedding cake decoration.
While planning a theme wedding, it's very easy to get carried away and lose track of how much (or little) needs to be done. As a peacock-themed wedding leans more towards being elegant and bold, it's important to be able to draw a line so as to not make it very flashy while incorporating it as your wedding theme. Although the vibrant and royal colors are in perfect harmony with each other, it is essential to understand the importance of using these colors sparingly or grandly at the right places.

For maximum effect, use one focal color for the wedding ceremony and another for the reception party. This way, you can keep the decor subtle, yet give it a royal touch. And to help you organize it all, we've put together some ideas that will require a blend of your creativity and special efforts to make it successful.
Peacock Colors Palette
First and foremost, select the hues you wish to include in your wedding. Including every single color in all the details will be over-dramatic. You want the guests to experience the 'wow' factor, and not cringe as they walk in to venue. Right?
Color shades
To balance the rich peacock colors, include shades gold, brown, and white to your decor. This will help separate the theme colors, and draw attention to the contrasting canvas.
'Save-the-date' Cards
As soon as you set the date for the wedding prepare and finalize your Save-the-date cards. Choose a design and wordings for the card, and send it out at least 6 months in advance. This will help your guests make arrangements for travel, accommodation, time off work, etc.
Date design template
Date design template
You don't necessarily have to send Save-the-date cards that match the wedding theme. If you haven't finalized the color scheme for the wedding, are unsure about the peacock theme, or want to send cards that aren't related to the wedding theme, it's perfectly alright to do so.
Wedding Invitations
Wedding Invitation Sample
The invitation card is an integral part of your wedding that requires a lot of thought and preparation. For inspiration, you can go through sites like easy and zazzle for some wonderful designs of invitation cards.
Invitation card
RSVP Card Sample
Don't forget to send the RSVP cards along with a addressed and stamped envelope so that your guests can reply easily. You can choose to include a phone number or email address as well.
Invitation card with text
The Bride
This is the part where things may be a bit tricky and will require utmost care. First of all, ask yourself if you wish to include peacock-inspired accessories to your wedding, or just limit it to the decor?
Woman and stuffs
If you choose the earlier option, know that there are tons of ways to incorporate the theme into your attire―from shoes, garter, jewelry to headpieces and bouquets. And, if your groom doesn't like flashy stuff, you can ask him to wear a subtle peacock feathers boutonnière.
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
Don't forget the bridal party! Ask your groom to confirm with his groomsmen whether they agree to carry some elements related to the wedding theme. It can be anything from boutonnieres and bow ties to cuff links and socks.
Woman with flowers
Guy and shoes
Your maid of honor and bridesmaids can truly have fun picking out their dresses for the wedding. Either choose one color for all their dresses, or depending on the number of bridesmaids you have, let them pick a color for themselves. With turquoise, royal blue, green, and purple, there are plenty of hues to choose from.
Ceremony Decor
When it comes to ceremony decor, focus more on the vibrancy. Include bright decor pieces that contrast with the surroundings or team those colors with white like the ones exemplified below. But remember―go less to emphasize more.
Decoration in ceremony
Decoration in ceremony
Decoration in wedding ceremony
Venue Decor
You can design theme-related signs to be placed around the venue. It looks stylish and can make for some wonderful conversation starters for guests.
Party and celebration ideas
If your budget permits, you can place signs around the venue for more emphasis. These signs make for an amazing placement for clicking pictures.
The Newlyweds
Once the ceremony is over, find some time to freshen up and click some pictures before heading to the reception. And as for everyone else, organize some fun activities to entertain guests between wedding and reception.
Decoration ideas
Wedding couple
Newly weds on pier against blue water
Reception Decor
Here, you have a much larger scope for including your theme colors. From escort cards to place settings and centerpieces, work on every element one at a time so that everything makes sense once put together.
Decoration in ceremony
Bouquet of roses
Decoration for wedding reception
Wedding Cake
For the cake, look for inspiration from Pinterest, wedding blogs, and of course, websites of different pastry chefs. From extravagant cake toppers and decorations to minute details of the peacock theme, finalize a wedding cake that you will love to see and eat.
Wedding cake
Hashtag Photos
Crowd source your wedding photos with Instagram taken from smart phones and digital cameras. Your guests are going to take lots and lots of pictures at the wedding. Don't miss out on the fun and ask them to share every little moment with you after the wedding is over.
Happy after sign
By using a custom #hashtag, you can document your wedding with this fun and beautiful app.

Since the peacock palette is a little loud, you need to be extremely careful while selecting each wedding element. Even a handful of peacock details can add a royal feel to your wedding. Complete a task from start to finish, and know how every little detail will affect the overall look of the event.