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Heavenly Irish Wedding Dresses to Channel Your Inner Goddess

Irish Wedding Dresses
Irish wedding dresses revive the medieval and Celtic traditions, enhancing the beauty of the bride and transcending ages. So read on to know about vintage Irish dresses...
Pushpa Duddukuri
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
Courting the Irish romance is surrealistic in itself, but what would you say if your dreamlike wishes of getting married in an Irish countryside with your beloved waiting for you at the altar of a Celtic Chapel comes true? Hmm... You would say, "I will splash some water on my face and try to wake up from this trance because such things happen only in movies, don't they"? There is no such thing as a perfect wedding. According to Mr. Murphy, "Things which can go wrong would most likely GO WRONG". So, what is left for us to do, is to leave some things to much hyped, over-rated FATE. That is, everything other than your wedding dress, girls. Wedding dresses are something which you cannot let others to decide for you. You need to find that perfect dress for your hopefully perfect wedding before the clock ticks away and the D-day approaches.
So, all those Bridezillas, beware! Before anybody else could snatch away your dress right under your nose, buckle up and search for your wedding gown unless you want to suffer from spontaneous spells of hysteria on the wedding day. Now that we are clear about our mission in life, let's conjure up our wits and determination for this quest. My suggestion, is to go for unique, awe-inspiring Irish dresses. Traditional yet modern, these Celtic wedding dresses are worth more than one look. You need to try them on before you can give your valuable judgment on them.
Irish Wedding Gowns
Weddings are supposed to be grand and romantic, bringing together two people for better or worse. In such grand festal occasion, a bridal gown shouldn't be anything less than heavenly. Irish dresses are that and much more...

Irish wedding customs reflect the hearty and gallant culture of the isle of Ireland. An Irish dress is an ankle length gown, which has the option of incorporating a cathedral length train that trails on, caressing the ground forever. One of the reasons why these dresses are so popular among Irish and not-so Irish brides is that it can be donned in versatile styles, colors, fabrics and accessories. It brings alive medieval Gaelic air that exudes nothing but chivalry and intrigue. These dresses can be formal or informal. So according to the setting of your wedding, you can dress up as a Gaelic princess or peasant lassie. When considering the fabric of the wedding gown, choose a mix of two materials for the upper corset and the skirt of the dress. Needless to say, the skirt of the gown should be soft, silky, with the material clinging to the midriff or hip and canopying downwards.

The bodice of the dress should be stiff, accentuating the contours of the body and giving it a much desired shape. You can experiment with the neckline of the dress but make sure that it is somewhat elaborate. Most Irish inspired wedding dresses have embroidery work done on the neck and are lavished with laces to bring out their richness. There is always petticoat sewn in which completes the dress. On top of all this, you can also adorn an ivory laced delicate cape which is reminiscent of the medieval beauties.
Irish Wedding Gowns
Bride In Wedding Dress
Modern Irish dresses can be embellished with shining sequences, making the wearer a red carpet diva. Other things to remember while buying your own dress is that colors are no bar. An Irish bride does not have to settle down for just classic white while considering her bridal dress. She has all the freedom in the world to choose deep and rich colors to enhance her beauty and imprint the Celtic traditions in her attire. If you are up for such a dress, then deep ocean blue or vivid crimson for the bodice with embossed embroidery will be the dress to look for.

If you have a storybook wedding in mind, then your dress should also be worthy of a princess! Any period based wedding dress is bound to be dramatic for the guests. However, its sensuality can take people's breath away too. For some finishing touches, wear a small yet elegant tiara on your head.
Irish Wedding Accessories
Wedding dresses are incomplete without the quaint and rustic Irish wedding traditions and Irish music. In one such interesting custom in Irish culture, the newly weds were not only showered with rice as per Christian customs, but also hurled at with bigger items like pans and pots. A handkerchief plays a prominent role in Irish marriage customs as it is a symbol of motherhood and is traditionally adorned by the Irish bride in her wedding dress or sleeves and sometimes even worn under the veil. Another wedding accessory that is worn by the bride is the kinsale cloak which is a long, hooded, billowing cloak. These cloaks have been worn by Irish country women since centuries and hence, can easily add an extra touch of pastoral and idyllic beauty in you.
Irish Claddagh
Irish wedding rings are called claddagh ring which signifies the betrothal of a woman. When the woman wears the claddagh ring in her right hand with the heart of the ring facing outwards, it implies that she is unattached to anyone. On the other hand, if the heart of the ring is facing inward towards the knuckles when worn in right hand, it says that she is engaged. Whereas, claddagh ring on left hand leaves no doubt in mind that she is taken in marriage. So, don't forget your claddagh ring for your groom, and most importantly, do not let your ring slip from his mind.

An impending wedding date with so many things-to-do looming over your head is a scary situation. That's why, it would be easier to deal with one thing at a time. Go through several dresses and choose the one on which your heart has set upon. Let your family and friends deal with all the arrangements and make semblance of order of this mess called wedding.
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