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Tips to Buy Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

For perfect bridal look - long sleeved wedding dresses.
Mamta Mule Nov 23, 2018
Fashion trends in bridal gowns keep changing and new elements keep adding up, which make them even more grand and feminine. While the off shoulders or thin straps are all time hit options, you can now consider getting out of this fashion trend.
Just like the white bridal gowns are known to be the ideal ones, mentioned necklines are also commonly associated with these.
However, as many brides are now opting for bright colored dresses, off shoulder and sleeveless patterns are getting replaced with long sleeves. This fashion is the 'in thing' and there are a number of styles which you can opt for, to make a fabulous bridal gown. Here's more about the classic long sleeve wedding dresses.

Long Sleeve Patterns

Juliet Sleeve

There are many styles in long sleeves which can be considered. The most popular style is the Juliet sleeve. This sleeve is puffed at the shoulders till 6 inches below the shoulder and becomes tight fitted till the wrist.
This style goes well with frilly bridal gowns, but must be avoided by those with fuller arms, as it can make you look fat. Slim brides can safely opt for this style.

Poet Sleeve

Poet sleeve is another option which one can consider. Here, the sleeves are pleated at the shoulder and continue from there till the wrist or just below the elbow, where it is again pleated. Those pleated just below the elbow can further extend freely till the wrist.

Bell and Illusion Sleeves

Bell sleeves are also a perfect choice for long sleeve wedding dresses. Illusion sleeves are a classic option to go for.
These are basically tight transparent or semi-transparent options. Though these cover your arms, the transparent or semi-transparent material used, helps avoid that covered up look. For plus size dresses, this pattern is highly popular.

Same or Distinguished Materials for Sleeves

You can either use the same material as that of your dress or go for something different. While using same material you can skip the lining and go for illusion sleeves. This specially looks great with netted materials.
While you go for a distinguished sleeve, there are many options. For a white dress you can have illusion sleeves with a hint of pink, greenish gray, or lavender. You can have them made of one or two colors used in the dress.
If the dress is single colored, you can have a perfect contrast or matching shade for the sleeves and add a bow or belt or ribbon or embellishments of this color on the main body.
Even though you may have them in the same color and material, you can make them look special with some detailing. Like, for a red wedding gown, you can have embellishments, especially with pearl strands all over the sleeve to highlight it.
In such cases, tight sleeves, illusion or Juliet sleeves look the best. You can add contrast lacing for the border, which looks great, especially good with bell sleeves. A white gown with bell sleeves having violet or bright pink satin border and detailing can make a stylish and at the same time one of the best modest wedding dresses.
You can use any of the aforementioned ideas to make a truly fantastic outfit. Check out the special issues of magazines and websites that will give you a lot of ideas which will help in finalizing the design. So, get ready to look the most charming bride with that elegant wedding gown.