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Ideas for Maid of Honor Dresses with Sleeves

Rimlee Bhuyan Nov 25, 2018
As a prospective bride, besides deciding about your own wedding gown, you need to consider the design and style of maid of honor dresses for your bridesmaid. A great design that is often overlooked is dresses with sleeves. To know about the designs and styles in such dresses, read on...
Planning a wedding can be a big project and might put a strain on even the calmest of brides. There are so many things that needs to be organized, that it is sometimes difficult to enjoy your own wedding. Here, a maid of honor or bridesmaid is invaluable to the bride as she assists a bride on the wedding day as well as provide moral support.
As a prospective bride, make sure that you find the right dress for your maid of honor that complements her and fits in with the theme of your wedding. Many times brides choose a maid of honor dress that looks good on a mannequin but does not work for the bridesmaid. To avoid such mishaps, it's best to involve your bridesmaid in selecting a bridesmaid dress.
There are many styles and designs of bridesmaid dresses to select from. Many brides select a dress that is too voluminous or that is strapless without realizing that some bridesmaid won't be able to pull off that particular style.

Maid of Honor Dress Ideas with Sleeves

One of the safest design in bridesmaid dresses is dresses with sleeves. When we say safe, we don't mean boring and dowdy. There is no reason why a bridesmaid dress with sleeves cannot be chic, stylish and stunning, not to mention coordinated with the color palette of the wedding.
Want to know which designs and silhouettes of maid of honor dresses will look great on your bridesmaid? Here are some ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Short Maid of Honor Dresses with Cap Sleeves

One of the most beautiful maid of honor dresses with sleeves is a short bridesmaid dress with cap sleeves. Nowadays, a short bridesmaid dress is not just limited to casual or beach weddings and can be worn to a formal wedding as well.
Choose an A-line dress with a fitted bodice and short cap sleeves in a dual toned color. You can choose a pencil style skirt for the dress which falls just above the knee for an elegant and attractive look. If your bridesmaid is a bit healthy then wearing a pencil style dress with cap sleeves is not an option, go for a dress with a circle skirt.
These type of dresses flatters any body type and the cap sleeves makes the dresses very attractive. Choose dark hued colors like fuchsia, purple, wine, golden yellow or emerald as these contrasts very nicely with your white wedding dress.

Floor Length Maid of Honor Dresses with Three-Fourth Sleeves

Another great design is a floor length dress with three-fourth sleeves. Before you dismiss three fourth sleeves as being too demure, let me tell you that these are the most trendy sleeves this season. 
Choose a floral printed floor length dress with three-fourth sleeves and a sash in a bright color tied at the waist. These silhouette look stunning and ethereal and look flattering on almost every body structure and shape. Else choose a solid colored floor length dress with a floral printed sash and 3/4th sleeves in a sheer material like lace or organza.

Knee Length Maid of Honor Dresses with Waterfall Sleeves

For a modern and chic bridesmaid dress, opt for a knee length dresses with waterfall sleeves. A waterfall sleeve is a long and narrow ruffle that is sown from the shoulders of a garment to the waist.
A short dress in materials like chiffon or Georgette with a waterfall sleeve will look very elegant on a bridesmaid. This kind of sleeves gives the dress a contemporary and fresh look. You can choose from deep colors like dark blue, burgundy and wine to pastel hues in such dresses.
Other popular sleeve designs in bridesmaid dresses are puff sleeves, tulip sleeves, bell sleeves and ruched sleeves. While choosing such a dress, make sure that the bridesmaid looks fabulous in it and is comfortable with the design and silhouette.