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Gift Ideas for Maid of Honor

Gift Ideas to Thank the Maid of Honor for Making Your Day Special

Maids of honor are the true backstage artists who orchestrate and organize your special day. They understand your emotions, and bear your increasing anxious tantrums. Gestures as such deserve a heartfelt gratitude with gifts. The best way of doing so is making these gifts personalized.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2019
These girls are not just playing a part in your wedding, but have played an important part in your life until now. A maid of honor holds the fort for you till every last guest leaves the wedding premise.
From sending invitations, to helping you to select a wedding dress, and comforting you when you get cold feet, a maid of honor not only manages the logistics, but the gamut of emotions too. This is why you need to give her gift. Giving gifts is a way of thanking her for being there for you all throughout the most crucial time of your life.
Picture Frame
Silver picture frame
Picture frames are great maid of honor gifts. Ask the wedding photographer to take a picture of you and your bridesmaids.
If you have more than one bridesmaid, then ask the photographer to take your group pictures or in pairs of two. Frame these in antique silver frames for the perfect classy and elegant look. This way you get to cherish those priceless moments for a long time to come too.
Engraved Pendants
Heart Shaped Pendant
A thoughtful and personalized gift, will show your effort and your heartfelt gratitude.
Engraved pendants, with an artistically done up silhouette of a bridesmaid and her name on a pendant, will make the perfect gift to thank your bridesmaid. This can be worn as an accessory too. So, that gives you another reason for gifting her a priceless pendant.
Cosmetic Case
Cosmetics bag
Cosmetic cases are a great help while traveling, and well received when gifted.
Since this is a typical gift for a girl, buy them in pink. To make personalized, get the initials of your bridesmaids embroidered on the case. Monogrammed cases will be totally adored by her. This useful item will always remind her of you every time she uses it.
Antique Perfume Bottle
Perfumes make ideal gifts for sisters. Gift your sister a her favorite fragrance in a classic vintage bottle with her initials monogrammed on it.
This gift will take a little effort, but it's worth every bit of it. Buy one of those antique crystal bottle and transfer her favorite fragrance into it. As she is your sister, finding her favorite perfume won't be a difficult task. To finish your gift well in time, get started on this well in time too.
Colorful Shawls
If you are having a winter wedding then warm fuzzy shawls, would be an ideal gift.
Shawls are a great accessory, they look brilliant, and add to the warmth. Moreover, you can find them in a spectrum of colors. Gift your bridesmaids shawls of their favorite colors to show them how much they mean to you.
Personalizing gifts makes them even more special. If you can't engrave the initials in time, leave a handwritten note for every bridesmaid along with the gift. Since your bridesmaid helps you out with every detail of your wedding, you do owe her a tastefully chosen gift.
Preferably look for gifts that are usable in some way. A usable item will valued more, than anything else. All the mentioned items are a token of your appreciation for the efforts your bridesmaids have put in to make the day, picture perfect.