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Maid of Honor Speech Ideas

Aishwarya Nirmal Nov 3, 2018
Marriage is the beginning of a new life, especially for the bride, who leaves her old memories to embrace her future with new people. The Maid of Honor has many responsibilities like delivering a speech in the bride's honor. Here are some dos and don'ts you need to keep in mind.
"Susan and I met in the third grade, and we have been friends ever since. She is the most wonderful friend I have and I am sure she has already started to be a great wife the moment she said 'I do'. Susan and John make a great couple. ...
... I wish them all the best for the rest of their lives on behalf of everyone gathered here. May God bless you two always." Vivian concluded her speech with tear-filled eyes and the people gathered there applauded her touching words. Everyone raised a toast to the newlyweds and showered them with blessings.
The speech by the Maid of Honor, if delivered well, has a magical effect on everyone and imparts an insight into the couple's love. Generally, the person closest to the bride becomes her Maid of Honor if she is unmarried, and Matron of Honor if she is married.
She is usually the best friend or a sister, a person with whom the bride has shared many intimate moments of her life. The bride may have many bridesmaids, but the Maid of Honor is the most important one, and is expected to shoulder a great deal of responsibility during the implementation of the wedding plans.
The betrothed couple entrusts her with making the wedding arrangements. Not only that, she and the best-man has to raise a toast in the honor of the married couple during the wedding reception. As the Maid of Honor is considered as the person nearest and dearest to the bride, she introduces the bride. This is a crucial moment for the bride and herself.
A single unmindful mention of any unsought event can spoil the mood of the party. Hence, there are a few Dos and Don'ts that have to be followed for delivering a speech at a wedding.
» First of all, the speech has to be timed carefully and should not exceed five minutes.

» The toast can be started by mentioning the relation with the bride. If she is a friend, then a small mention of when and how they met will be necessary.
» The next part of the speech can be initiated by any humorous incident. Care should be taken that it does not turn out be an embarrassing situation for the bride or for anyone else.

» If the Maid of Honor is the bride's sister, a brief mention of the bride's bonding with her parents and siblings must be made.
» If she is a common friend of the bride and the groom, she can mention how they both met, their similarities, and the rapport that the bride shares with her spouse and his family.

» She should avoid mentioning any secret that the bride has entrusted her with.
» If she has noticed any positive changes in the bride since she met the groom, those will be worth mentioning.

» If she is confided with any second thought that the bride had after the wedding was planned, she should avoid any mention of it.

» Childhood and adolescent memories can play a good role in the speech, provided they are not embarrassing.
» Any mention of the bride's past affairs or relationships should be avoided.

» The bride's nature, hobbies, and passions can be unraveled creatively. Again, only the positive aspects should be mentioned.

» Any negative comments on the couple's relationship should be avoided.
» The speech can be concluded on a happy note by saying something like, "Hope you guys don't forget to invite us on your 50th marriage anniversary" or with a love quote.

» If you are not very good at creating toasts, any romantic poem that suits the couple can be selected.
Being a maid of honor is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and is cherished forever. You should live up to the bride's expectations, and make her day even more special and memorable with your charming speech.