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How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Uttara Manohar Mar 14, 2019
Overseeing the work getting done for your wedding invitations is fun, especially since you get to select your own design, layout, and other detail work. Learn how to make your own wedding invitations before sending it off to the printers.
When Christy decided to say 'I Do' with her high-school sweetheart Brad, they both didn't want anything too fancy! No ice sculptures, no million-dollar venue or gourmet menu- just a small simple wedding! They even made the invitations at home. Most of the RSVP responses mentioned how lovely it was to see the old-fashioned handmade wedding invitations!
Wedding invitations whether handmade or ready-made should be warm, simple, and welcoming. Making your own invitation costs less, looks great and they are completely original!
Here are the things you need to consider while making your own wedding invitations. First of all you need to decide how you want them to be- simple cards, accessorized cards, or out-of-the-box invitations.


The wedding card layout includes the entire design of the card.
First, decide and finalize the color, the shape, the envelopes, and the content you want on the card. Once you are done finalizing all this, including the number of the cards and the guest list, start making them.

Choosing the Right Paper

If you want to keep the cards simple, choose the colors and the paper texture accordingly. Make sure you get a firm paper but yet not as thick as a cardboard. You can also go for handmade, fragrant papers. They certainly make the invitation extra special.

Card Shapes and Envelopes

Wedding cards can be of any shape that you want. Although traditionally used shapes like rectangle and square might seem conventional and elegant, the couples that want an element of innovation in their wedding cards can try those cards shaped as a wedding cake, the bride and groom silhouette, or even wedding bells.


Remember, the invitation has to have crisp and precise content.
It should clearly mention the details such as wedding date, venue, and the timing. You might also add on the card the 'directions to the venue' in the form of a small map.
An extra card for the guests to respond back and confirm their presence (RSVP) should also be included. Avoid stuffing too much content into a small space otherwise the invitation looks cluttered.

Printed Text or Calligraphy

As for the writing part of the invitations, you can use conventional screen-printing techniques or use the good old computer for printing out the content as it brings uniformity to the font making the invitations look elegant. If you or anyone you know are well versed with the art of calligraphy, you can have the content hand-written.

Card Decorations

Once everything is in place, decorate your cards. Sprinkle some glitter, add artificial flowers, miniature wedding bells, satin laces, and pretty bows etc. To keep the card simple but elegant, add only the decorations that suit the color and design of the card.
If you want an easier way out, then go for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits of wedding invitations. No matter what you do, remember to send every invitation with a genuine and warm feeling. Invite loved ones to be a part of this beautiful day to make it truly memorable and special.