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Meanings of Wedding Flowers

Meanings of Wedding Flowers
The sheer number of flowers that abound in the world can be mind-boggling but which are the most significant flowers for a wedding. In this article, we tell you how you can decide on the perfect flowers for your wedding by understanding the meaning of wedding flowers.
Tulika Nair
Did you know that in the Victorian Era, there existed a language known as the language of flowers or floriography in which people actually used different flowers and arrangements of flowers to send out messages? These messages consisted of those feelings and emotions that people could not express otherwise as it was against societal norms and customs.
Flowers have always been symbolic of different qualities, which is why many traditional customs, especially during weddings, use flowers. In this article, we help you understand the meaning of wedding flowers.
Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings
Which flower to pick and how to make that final decision can be nerve-wracking. But if you know what each of the flowers is symbolic of, then this decision can become a lot simpler.

The list of wedding flowers given below with their meanings should help you decide on which flower to choose.
Anemone flower
Symbolic of expectation, this beautiful flower is generally used in bouquets and floral arrangements. It is a great flower to be used for both fall and spring weddings and you can choose from single or double blossoms.
Acacia flower
These beautiful yellow colored blossoms have multiple meanings. In a wedding, they are generally used to symbolize purity of the soul and relationship. But another significant meaning of the flower is friendship.
Almond Blossom
Almond Blossom flower
Not many people are aware of the fact that these flowers which are a symbol of hope are in fact the inspiration of several sacred motifs and symbols. In Italy, these flowers are symbolic of health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and a long life.
Amaranth flower
Traditionally, these beautiful, bright flowers are symbolic of immortal life and a love that will never fade. What could be a better flower for a wedding? Use these flowers as filler flowers for your bouquets and arrangements. You could also use these flowers as centerpieces.
Aster flower
These flowers have for a very long time been considered to be flowers that are charmed and enchanted. They are a representation of love and patience. They are found in a wide variety of colors.
Baby's Breath
White flower
This flower is often used as filler flower in bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and even vase arrangements. It is representative of everything that is innocent about two souls getting married.
Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise flower
These flowers can often steal the show and therefore, generally used alone. They resemble a bird in flight and are considered to be a representation of joy and paradise. Native to Africa, these flowers are often also known as the crane flowers.
Calla Lily
Calla Lily flower
Like the flower itself, it's symbology points towards magnificent beauty of the flower. Generally the bride tends to use this flower as a part of her bouquet. It's sophisticated elegance can be just the charm you need.
Carnation flower
Depending on the color of the carnation that you are carrying, there can be different meanings attributed to the flower. A pink carnation is representative of boldness, a red one of love, and a white one of talent.
Chrysanthemum flower
Chrysanthemums that are also known as just mums come in a variety of colors. Its name literally means the golden flower which probably makes the symbology of wealth and abundance befitting. It's sheer beauty makes it suitable for weddings.
Camellia flower
This elegant, lovely flower is often considered to be a symbol of desire and passion but also of a deep love for the significant other in your life, making it a perfect flower for a wedding.
Daffodil flower
These flowers are generally symbolic of the regard that you have for each other, which is what makes these flowers perfect for a wedding, especially one that is being held in spring.
Daisy flower
While it may seem like daisies are too commonplace, these flowers are perfect accompaniments for weddings because they symbolize both romance and spirit of innocence. They are also considered representative of sharing emotions. They can be great filler flowers for bouquets.
Delphinium flower
These slightly fragrant flowers can be great for floral arrangements for your wedding. They are generally considered to be synonymous with a feeling of swiftness and lightness. These flowers which are the birth flowers for the month of July are also known as Lark's heel or Knight's spur.
Freesia flower
Most of the favorite flowers that are used for weddings are representative of innocence and the same is true for freesias as well. These flowers are inexpensive and tend to look gorgeous in bouquets.
Gardenia flower
A slightly more expensive variety, these flowers which are available all round the year are perfect for bouquets and boutonnieres and stand for purity and joy. These flowers are found in Africa, Asia, and Australia.
Hydrangea flower
If you and your partner share a deep understanding and are true soul-mates, then this may be just the flower for you as understanding is exactly what hydrangeas symbolize.
Iris flower
Depending on your choice, you can pick irises in both blue or white and the message that they send out will remain the same; one of faith and wisdom. These can be perfect for floral arrangements.
Lilac flower
With these flowers, you need to decide if you are going to use normal lilacs or French lilacs. While both flowers signify the first emotions of love, the former are more bush like and the latter are like flowers and can be used in bouquets.
Lily flower
Symbolic of truth and honor, lilies can be the perfect additions to your bouquets and floral arrangements. But these flowers are generally available only during the summer season, so if you are having a fall wedding, then you may need to import these flowers or ask your florist to arrange for them.
Lily of the Valley
Lily Of The Valley Growing Wild
No day is happier than your wedding day and which flower can be more appropriate than the lily of the valley which signifies just that; happiness? Choose these flowers for your bouquets if you are having a spring or a summer wedding. In fact these flowers are considered traditional wedding flowers.
Lavender flower
These gorgeous lavender colors flowers are symbolic of several things including attachment, devotion, luck, purity, and success. If you decide to use lavender flowers in your wedding bouquet then you need to be aware of all these symbolic meanings attached to the flower.
Magnolia flower
These flowers are very commonly used in weddings in the south. Of course this has a lot to do with the fact that these flowers are natives of the Southern state. They signify a deep love for nature.
Orchid flower
There are very few women who do not appreciate the beauty of these gorgeous flowers which are significant of love. They make for elegant bouquets, corsages, and are also perfect boutonnieres.
Peony flower
The symbology of this flower, which is ambition and determination, may not necessarily make it a wedding flower but it has become very popular at wedding ceremonies in recent times.
Yellow rose
Almost everyone is aware that the flower rose is significant of love but it is also symbolic of joy and beauty. From bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and arrangements these flowers can be used for any wedding decoration.
Snowdrop flower
Snowdrops are considered to be a symbol of hope and purity and are also known to be great as gifts. They are elegant flowers that also signify optimism and virtue, especially at weddings. These flowers are often a part of the bridal bouquet.
Stephanotis flower
These flowers are known as traditional bridal flowers and are symbolic of marital bliss and happiness. Available throughout the year, you can use these flowers either in bouquets or the arrangements.
Stock flower
These flowers are the best variety of filler flowers and symbolic of eternal beauty. They are extremely fragrant and therefore, work well as arrangement flowers. These flowers are also available in a variety of colors.
Sunflower garden
Depending on the length of the stem of the sunflower, it can have different meanings. A long stemmed sunflower generally has a negative connotation of haughtiness but a short stemmed one is symbolic of adoration.
Sweet Pea
Sweet pea
These pretty clustered variety of flowers are symbolic of pleasure and perfect for arrangements in vases. These are generally used in weddings that occur in spring or summer.
Tulip flower
These flowers are available in a variety of colors and tend to be extremely delicate. They are symbolic of love and passion, and are actually perfect additions to a spring wedding.
Violet flower
The flower violet has several different meanings. It is representative of faithfulness, love, happiness and also conveys the message that someone is thinking of you. It can be the perfect flowers for weddings.
Water Lily
Water Lily
These flowers are available in many different colors including pink, white, purple, etc. These flowers are supposed to be significant of qualities like purity, virginity, and happiness.
These are some of the most common flowers that are used for wedding ceremonies. Knowing and understanding the meaning of wedding flowers becomes important as you do not want to use a flower that is significant of something inauspicious. Of the many types of wedding flowers that are commonly used, these flowers are not only the prettiest but also the most symbolic of the happiness that the occasion brings with it.