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Medieval Wedding Dresses

Medieval dresses for a wedding have a distinct style and many times have that royal touch. The colors and fabrics used have a rich and an exquisite quality. Scroll down to go into those old times.
Wedessence Staff
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Classic, romantic, and full of grandeur- this is what characterizes weddings with medieval themes, reflecting the era. This theme is very different and out of the box. Further, who can deny the fact that the era was nothing short of a fairytale? The world of noblemen, princesses, knights, minstrels, and kings is truly fascinating. A wedding with such a theme is sure to be a hit with the guests, but not without a price! The price is to wear and carry off those dresses with elan! Hang in there to go back in time!
Medieval Style Wedding Dresses
As the clothing is inspired from Renaissance, the clothing also underwent a change. Basically in the medieval era, men and women many times wore cloak like garments and robes over their clothing. So, keeping in mind that fashion, you need to choose a ready-made dress or a pattern to get it stitched. Here are some ideas regarding that.
Style Mantra
The fundamental style in middle ages was based on minimal skin show. Thus, there were full skirts, lace-up backs, and sometimes a deep cleavage and wide sleeves. In addition to that, there was a brocade or braided trim. The quintessential pattern is a bodice pattern. It is a single long rectangle, with shoulder width and the neck cut in the middle. The sleeves too are rectangles and there is no shape at the sleeve head or arm hole. As far as the men are concerned, they should wear doublets, hose, and breeches.
'Hue' And Cry
Ye' good men, it was all about colors in the middle ages. Although white was worn a lot in medieval weddings, bold colors were the flavor that time. When you go to shop, go for bold and rich colors. Unless you wear such colors, the true fashion of that era would not be reflected. Burgundy, dark maroon, deep green, dresses made of velvet or silk is just perfect. As these colors and fabrics were a symbol of affluence, they were very much preferred.
Perk It Up
Well, your dress is ready, jewelry is ready. Now, you need to embellish with accessories. Wearing your hair loose, adorned with a circlet of flowers is just fine. A veil may be worn, but characteristically speaking, veils were not worn in those times. You can thus give veils a skip. Also, chuck the heels. There were no heels then. Wear simple slippers to go with the dress.
Buy it
Well, there are quite a few options to get the perfect medieval dress. One option is that you can rent it from an upscale costume shop. If you want to buy it, a good idea would be to go to a renaissance fair if it is happening nearby. You are most likely to find an authentic piece there. In addition to that, you will find a host of shops having these kinds of dresses on the internet. In addition to this, there are some shops which can make one for you if you give them the design. In case you are looking for a gown, ask for wedding gowns that have princess lines and drop waists.
However, for all this, you might need to research a bit on exactly what was worn and how, and the material involved. Internet resources or books would be a great help at the end of the day. We are sure you would enjoy this kind of a wedding because it is going to be unique!

Are we back to the medieval era then? Happy Wedding!