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Popular and Classy Designs for Men's Engagement Ring

Men's Engagement Ring
When it comes to engagement rings for men, there are many designs and styles that are available nowadays. This write-up discusses some of the popular ones.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2019
The word 'engagement ring' is normally associated with the image of a beautiful solitaire diamond ring, flanked with semi-precious stones.
Engagement rings for women are available in different designs and styles, and are advertised greatly by leading jewelry designers and jewelry houses. However, engagement rings for men are not that popularized, and until recently, it was hard to find a good selection of these rings.
However, nowadays, jewelry designers are becoming aware that men too, are in need of some good styles in engagement rings. Choosing the right style is very important, and it should not be too ornate and flashy, but simple and classy.
Popular Ring Designs
When it comes to men, the simpler the design of the engagement ring, the classier it looks. Simple bands that are either thin or thick are good options. The best one among these is the Cartier Trinity Ring. It is actually a wedding band, but can also be used as an engagement ring.
It is made by the famous jewelry house Cartier, and features three interlocking rings in three different hues of gold--white, pink, and yellow. The simplicity of its design, along with its incredible craftsmanship, makes it one of the most elegant rings. Men can choose the simple, non-embellished, plain variety of this ring as well.
Cluster stack of diamond wedding engagement rings
For men who prefer something simpler, a plain engagement ring that is similar to a wedding band works quite well. There are many variations of the band style of rings available nowadays. Ring designs in gold or silver look very elegant and minimalist. You can also choose to have the ring made with a matte or satin-polished finish.
Two gold wedding bands on a white surface
A band with a ribbed edge or a ring with a different gold tone like white or rose, are also good options. They look unique and at the same time, are not too flashy.
You can also choose a weave pattern ring that looks like strips of bamboo woven together, for a neat and classic look. If you want to try something different, then go for a simple gold band with an inlay of a white-gold strip in between.
If you are worried that the ring might get damaged with scratches while working, you can get it made with a tough material like tungsten or titanium, as both these are scratch-resistant and durable. Many rings are made using these materials. Tungsten rings are available in many designs like carved and etched.
Wedding rings
If you are looking for diamond ring designs, then the best one would be a wide ring made with either white-gold or platinum, with small baguette diamonds encrusted at its center. Pave diamonds set along the edges or centerline of the ring are also popular designs.
While choosing an engagement ring, whether it is made of gold or tungsten, make sure that it is not too ornate, but simple enough that it can be worn every day. You will find a variety of designs in jewelry stores, and you can select the one that you find the most suitable.