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Millennials Are Shaking Up the Wedding Industry

Brooke Collits Jul 17, 2019
Everything about our beloved millennial generation is different - right on down to the way they view and participate in the institution of marriage. Here are just a few of the ways they're shaking up the wedding industry.

Millennials Are Waiting to Marry

Perhaps disenfranchised by the divorce rates of their parents' generation, or maybe just a little more focused on personal development than the generations that came before them, millennials are waiting longer to tie the knot.
In 1965, the average woman married at the age of 21. The average man during that same time period married at age 23.
The average millennial female is marrying at age 29.2, while millennial men have an average marrying age of 30.9.
A study from the Urban Institute suggests that a significant number of millennials will likely continue to be unmarried by the age of 40. Many simply say they haven't found the "right person," or they would rather wait until they're fully stable.

Marriage Proposals Are a Major Event for Millennials

When millennials finally decide to take the plunge and propose, they tend to make a big splash! They're including employees, friends, family, and even innocent bystanders into their proposals.

Proposals have become such a big event among millennials that many enlist the assistance of a proposal planner to ensure every detail is perfect.
From choreographers to flash mobs, they're creating some of the most memorable proposals in history. Yet, even when their proposals are small and intimate, millennials asking for their beloved's hand in a place with special meaning. They're opting for immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression.
Millennials are also bridging the gender gap in marriage proposals. While, traditionally, it's been the man who asks the woman for her hand, millennial women aren't afraid to pop the question if they feel the timing is right and the answer is likely to be a "yes." 

Millennial Wedding Rings Often Have a Backstory

The millennials are taking the heritage of their rings one step further. Family heirlooms of all types, with a variety of stones and precious jewels, are being transformed into unique. Concern for the environment has also caused many millennials to choose lab-grown diamonds over traditionally harvested ones.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Wedding Choices are Trending

Millennials often consider their greenhouse emissions while planning and preparing for their wedding. From choosing recycled paper for their wedding invitations to planning weddings that are outdoors and locally sourced, they're making eco-friendly wedding a major trend. Many are also asking guests to donate to their favorite charity instead.
Others ask guests to contribute to their honeymoon or wedding expenses. Millennials also tend to be more financially stable when they marry, and they're more likely to cohabitate before marriage, which means they tend to need fewer household items from friends and family.

Millennials Are Protecting Themselves Before Marriage

Millennials don't fear the prenup! In fact, they're turning this "dusty old document" into a pre-marital trend. Perhaps it is because they're mindful of the risk of divorce, or maybe it's just because they waited longer to marry and have more assets, coming in.
Millennials are actually less likely to even need their agreement, as they already have a divorce rate that is lower than the generations before them.
With their laser-like focus on self-development and sustainability, millennials are changing the entire wedding industry. Perhaps, if we're lucky, they'll manage the impossible and change the world.