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Mini Calla Lilies

Want to Use Mini Calla Lilies in Wedding Bouquets? We Have Ideas

Mini calla lilies have become popular wedding flowers because of their dainty size and the extensive range of colors that they are available in. In this article we are going to discuss how to create different mini calla lily wedding bouquets and floral arrangements.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Lilies has always been one of the most popular flowers to be used for wedding bouquets and wedding decorations. Of all species of lilies, calla lilies are the most sought after because of the beautiful trumpet shaped petal. Calla lilies are deciduous perennials that are native of South Africa. Regular calla lilies are 30-36 inches in length and the flowers are large and white or green colored.
Mini calla lilies on the other hand are 12-20 inches in length and the blooms are considerably smaller in size. They are also available in a wide variety of colors from hot pink, lemon yellow, orange to lavender. It is this that makes the mini calla lily a hot favorite among prospective brides as it is possible to match the color of the lilies to any wedding theme. Mini calla lilies are grown in a similar way to regular calla lilies. Here we are going to discuss how to make different mini calla lily bouquets that you can use as wedding bouquets or even for a decorating a dinner party.
Tips for Growing Mini Calla Lilies
Mini calla lilies are grown in the same way as regular calla lilies. Mini calla lily plant is propagated from the rhizome of the plant and they require good sunlight and well drained fertile soil to thrive. The bulbs should be planted in early spring by digging the ground to a depth of at least 3-4 feet, and then planting the bulbs. The plants need adequate water to grow, but refrain from over watering them. Once the shoots develop, you need to make sure that you pull out all weeds as they absorb nutrients from the soil. Although mini calla lily plants require adequate sunlight to flower, it should be shielded from harsh sunlight.
Wedding Bouquet Ideas
Calla lilies are one of the best flowers for creating a floral arrangement, particularly for weddings. Their hardy stems and beautiful and dainty flowers makes them an ideal choice for wedding flower bouquets and wedding decorations. Given below are a few mini calla lily bridal bouquet ideas.
Yellow Mini Calla Lilies with Ribbon
To create this beautiful but modern wedding bouquet, use about 18-20 mini yellow calla lilies. Arrange the lilies together and cut the stems at a tapered angle. Place the calla lilies together, making sure that the blooms are facing inwards. Next secure the calla lilies together with a rubber band. Now take a wide grosgrain yellow colored ribbon and tie it over the rubber band. This is a very clean, modern and simple wedding bouquet and is just right for a bride who likes contemporary designs.
Orange Mini Calla Lilies with Roses
Combining two flowers for a wedding bouquet is a great idea. To create this floral arrangement, team flame calla lilies with orange roses and orange hypericum berries. This type of arrangement is great for a fall wedding. Arrange all the flowers together and add the hypercium berries in between for a wedding bouquet that is truly stunning.
Lavender Mini Calla Lilies with Wallflowers
For a wedding bouquet that is soft, sensuous and romantic you can use lavender mini calla lilies. Lavender calla lilies are understated without being washed out or boring. To create this fresh floral arrangement pair lavender colored calla lilies with wallflowers in white and light pink. These wallflowers are small and pretty and they won't steal attention from the calla lilies.
Burgundy Mini Calla Lilies With Red Dahlias
If you want a dramatic wedding bouquet, then you cannot go wrong with burgundy mini calla lilies. Its rich dark hue looks great against a brides white wedding dress. To create this unique wedding bouquet, arrange 10-12 burgundy colored calla lilies with some red dahlias. Secure the calla lily bouquet with a rubber band and then tie a red colored wide satin ribbon over it.
Pink Calla Lilies with Lisianthus
If you have a wedding color palette in pink, then this wedding bouquet is perfect for you. Arrange 6-8 pink calla lilies with small pink roses and lisianthus. Nestle a few pink nerine lilies in between the arrangement and secure the bouquet with a white satin ribbon.
Mini calla lilies can be used for making many beautiful bouquets and centerpieces. All the arrangements given above can easily be converted into centerpieces for a dinner party too. The beauty and versatility of calla lilies are truly magnificent.
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