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Modern Wedding Dresses

While you plan your wedding, check these options and tips on the best, trendy and modern wedding dress.
Mamta Mule Feb 9, 2019
As the definitions of fashion keep changing every day, the wedding wear is no exception! Wedding dresses are seen changing in each aspect of fashion. While the white wedding gown is not longer something that a bride needs to strictly opt for, there are a lot of alternative dresses that she can go for.
Well, each bride would prefer donning a modern wedding dress instead of the boring regular wedding outfit. Here are some tips on the options available in the modern dresses for wedding. Have a look and get the best one for that special day in your life.

Dress Styles

Wedding gowns are all about colors, patterns and mainly about what's your style. Be it a sexy strapless gown, stylish spaghetti strapped flowy dress or a simple wedding outfit with sleeves, wear what suits your style and figure.
The most popular western dresses are those with single sleeves, off shoulder or necklines featuring single straps. Asymmetrical dresses is the 'in' thing, in this bridal wear collection.
Body hugging gowns with sharp angles are the perfect ones amongst today's styles. The wedding wear will be mostly seen in nipped waists to have a sleek and slender outfit ready to highlight the hourglass figure.
Slim shaped dresses are the most popular ones these days that show-off a fantastic figure. The runway fashion is popularly followed this season which includes trumpet, sheath and column dresses.

Reduced Hemlines

The latest dresses have more of the 'show-off' element. With brides not afraid to show off their best assets, dresses have changed a lot. From long bridal gowns to the short dresses you can don to the one that looks best on your figure. Tea-length dresses are becoming much popular.
Its length falls between the bottom of the knee and the bottom of the calf, it is one of the perfect beach dresses. The mini-shift dresses are next good style for destination weddings.

Adding Colors

Color is another element that you can play with, in the wedding gowns. Brides are experimenting with various colors to match their dresses with the wedding color theme. Adding a splash of dark color to the basic white gown is the most popular trend.
For a dramatic look, two-tone dresses with a colored bodice against a white or off-white skirt have become a hot favorite of the modern brides. Red metallic thread embroidery detailing done in curvy patterns all over a white body-fitting gown is sure to look mind-blowing. Go for colorful embroidering in lilac, pink, blue or yellow for the hemlines.

Detailing and Fabric

Modern dresses won't be finished without the use of beads, ruffles, or bows. Apart from that, for the bodices, you can see huge bows and beaded belts to complement the waistlines. Ruched dresses that have repeated patterns of gathered fabric are suitable for larger figures.
Dresses made of colored tulle or that with cascading layers till the floor are much popular. Chiffon, tulle, organza, taffeta are the fabrics used in modern wedding dresses. Light and airy fabric are highly preferred for the summer weddings. Colorful ribbon and lacy detailing is another trend this season.
Bridal gowns are all about expressing your personal style. Now you have a lot of options and a way to add your personal taste in the wedding wear. With the mentioned tips and own ideas, have your version of perfection for the wedding wear.