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You Must Read These Most Common Wedding Color Mistakes to Avoid

Most Common Wedding Color Mistakes to Avoid
Your big day is around the corner, and the color palette for the wedding has already been decided. But hey, have you made the right color choices? Find out right here.
Bindu swetha
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Keep Note
Don't make your wedding look like a funeral by using too much black. Combine black with neutral colors, like white to minimize its effect.
Making arrangements for your wedding can be exciting yet stressful. You need to look into every minute detail, like the wedding cake set, the tissues used, the color of the flowers, etc. But while making these decisions, the most important thing to keep in mind is the color scheme.

Most of us become overenthusiastic about the whole wedding idea and try to experiment with colors. If this experimentation doesn't work out, the whole wedding fun will go for a toss. So, be careful in choosing the right color palette and make your dream wedding come true.
Your Mistakes and Our Solutions
Reception hall decoration
You can use one color scheme and match it up with white. Use lights to add sparkle to the reception area.
"I Love All Colors."
So do we honey! But that doesn't mean we use all possible colors in our wedding. There are so many colors, and if we use maximum colors in our wedding scheme, we will have a "crayon box" wedding. Having said that, we advise you not to go in for a monochrome color scheme for your wedding. You can use different colors but stick to four color shades, at the max. This will keep the decorative items from looking messy. Also, ask your bridesmaid(s) to discuss the colors of their dresses way before the wedding day. You don't want to look like someone emerging from a rainbow! Instead, they can wear dresses of different shades of the same color. Choose table linens, glassware, cutlery in non-wearable colors, so that you avoid a situation where your friend's dress color matches with the dinner table linen's color!
Wedding Theme setup
You cannot use this setup for an indoor wedding. Be careful while choosing themes from magazines.
"I Saw These Combinations in the Magazine."
But the magazine editors don't know your wedding venue, do they? If you are using the latest trendy color combinations that the magazine you just finished reading advised, then "trouble" will top your guest list. These combinations are meant for a certain setup and cannot be applied for all wedding setups. There may be some colors in those combinations which either you or your partner may dislike. So, instead of blindly trusting the color combinations, list down the colors that both of you like. Then, you can choose colors that go well together from that list. These will be the colors that make you both happy and refreshed.
wedding hall decoration with orange and white combination
Bold colors look elegant if they are combined with neutral colors.
"Bold Colors Look Awesome."
We know dear that bold colors look awesome but only during Halloween! Imagine yourself walking into a room with a bright orange and red combination theme. Your eyes will start to hurt in a couple of minutes and you are sure to leave the venue. There is no harm in using one bold color and one muted color so that the combination works. You can add an extra color to give an edge to the color combo. If you don't like bold colors, you can use metallic colors to brighten the color scheme.
Bride with bouquet
Do not look for a dress that matches the color of your bouquet or vice versa. There is no need to match these elements.
"Flowers Used are Blue in Color."
So, what? There is no known or unknown rule that says that the color of the dress and that of the flowers should match. If you are using blue and orange flowers, then are you going to wear an orange and blue combination wedding dress? I hope you don't! If the flowers and the centerpieces match with your dress, it will look monochromatic. So, avoid being too determined to match the wedding's primary colors with the color of the flowers. You can choose flower bouquets and centerpieces that have neutral colors, so that the other elements in the venue can stand out too.
Table decoration
Keep the elements at the venue in your mind. You can keep candles that match the color of the ceiling or walls.
"Reception Area has Green Carpets."
Alright, but make sure you are not matching the green carpets with dark gray linen! The colors will clash, and the result is a horrible-looking reception area. While choosing wedding colors, it is necessary to keep in mind the venue colors as well. You don't have to go to the extent of matching colors with the floor color! But you should consider the other elements at the venue as well. If the venue d├ęcor is made of dark colors, then you can choose lighter shades of the same color or some other muted color and vice versa. This way, the colors will complement each other and each color's presence will be felt prominently.
Not These Combinations, Please
There are some color combinations that are used in weddings, but no one realizes that those colors don't go well together. Some of the color schemes are fit for all occasions other than a wedding! Here are a few such combinations that you must avoid for sure.
Black and Orange
Black napkin with orange flower
Are you holding a Halloween party, or a wedding celebration? Black and orange are one of the worst color choices for a wedding. They will make the entire wedding venue look like a scary movie set!
Yellow and Red
Yellow and red candles with maple leaves
Are you having a McDonald's theme wedding? This color combination will make the entire venue look like the fast food chain's outlet. Also, both these colors are bright; hence, they will clash with each other.
Black rose candles
Getting married can be sad for some but you surely don't want to reveal your true feelings, do you? Black is the color for funerals and is definitely not recommended for weddings. You can use black in minimal quantities but definitely not as the main color.
Brown and Yellow
Golden heart shape decoration on brown background
This combo will work only if you are having a 70s' style wedding. Else, it is best to avoid this combination. These two colors look more made-up than anything else.
Red, White, and Blue
Plate decoration with red flowers
Did I remind you of the Memorial Day parade? That's exactly what your guests will be reminded of, when they see this color scheme. You can use red or blue in combination with white but definitely not all three together.
Try These Instead
I did mention earlier in the article that you shouldn't follow any random advice on color combinations, but here, I am only giving you an idea as to how to match the colors. These combinations will make your D-day colorful.
Navy Blue, Silver, and Blush
Table setting with combination of blue and silver
This is the tried and tested color scheme. These three colors go well with each other and the final look is elegant. The navy blue brings coolness to the scheme while silver adds that X-factor to the combo.
Coral and Lavender
Table decoration
This combo is best for summer weddings. The brightness of coral and the subtle feel of lavender will brighten up the wedding venue.
Red, Turquoise, with White
Table decoration with turquoise and white combination
One of the latest and hot combos, this color scheme can be used for fall weddings. The elements in the venue can have bold accents of both these colors with the furniture in white. You can have flowers in red, napkins in turquoise, while plates and table cloth can be in white.
Black, White, and Green
Chairs decorated with green flowers
A perfect combo for summer weddings, you can choose to use black in minimal quantities. Green color can be the perfect choice for flowers, while white can be used for linens. The black color can be used for ribbons, drapes, and the bouquet.
Yellow and Orange
Centerpiece with yellow and orange flowers
Though both the shades are bold colors, they complement each other well. Flowers of both these colors if well-arranged on the centerpiece will do justice to the event. You can combine them in your choice of linens.
Colors Say Something About Your Wedding
Until now, we assumed that colors used in our wedding added to the celebration's visual pleasure. However, there is more to the color selection than this. Wedding colors also spread positive energy in the venue. Let's find out some qualities that these colors add to our celebration.

Gold: Elegance, Warmth, Tradition, Luxury

White: Purity, Elegance, Simplicity

Peach: Charming, Dreamy

Gray: Modern, Retro

Aqua: Vibrant, Fresh

Yellow: Happy, Cheery, Optimistic

Pale Pink: Romance, Playfulness

Orange: Energy

Green: Abundance, Fresh start

Brown: Soothing, Comfort

Purple: Sensuality, Romance

Silver: Elegant

Coral: Vibrant, Punchy
Colors add life to the wedding celebrations but only when chosen carefully. It is your day and you definitely don't want to spoil it just because of the wrong color choices! I would say it is best to trust your gut feeling. Go with the color combo that appeals the most to you and your partner.