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Most Unusual Places to Get Married

Most Unusual Places to Get Married

This article will get you acquainted with some of the most unusual places to get married at. They might not be feasible for every other couple, but they're definitely an interesting read. So go ahead, check them out!
Sujata Iyer
Your wedding day is supposed to be that day when you watch a lifelong dream materialize right before your eyes. When everything goes as planned and nothing fails to impress. The wedding venue has to be the most fabulous one in order to ensure that your dream wedding is a grand success. Isn't that what you expect from a wedding? Apparently NOT. Why? Because some couples decide to get married at some of the most unusual places. Don't believe us? Just carry on reading this Wedessence article. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Bizarre Places to Get Married In

We understand that people like to be adventurous and like to make every experience a thrilling one, but some people take it to a whole new level of bizarre! Take the section below for instance. We have compiled for you some of the most unusual and unthinkable places that you can get married at. And the best part is, people have already been there and done that, so you won't be the first ones if you decide to do one of them. Yes, there are others like you too! So go ahead, check out these outlandish (some quite literally) places to get married and see if you're game for any.

Garbage Dump
This one definitely tops my list of most unusual places to get married in. I mean seriously! I truly believe in love and all that, but getting married surrounded by the entire city's crap, no matter how awesome it would look as a backdrop to the pristine flowing gown, uh-uh! No way! If you agree with me, then you'll be equally flabbergasted to know that there is a couple who actually did get married in a garbage dump. Yes, something about them meeting there for the first time and all that jazz. But I guess love has that effect on people and their olfactory senses too.

Fast Food Restaurant
Now here's what I call a great way to save money on the wedding food! Getting married at the McDonald's or Taco Bell outlet that you and your sweetheart met at for the first time, or have a special place in your relationship for, is not only extremely special to the two of you, but it will also ensure that you don't foot a food bill that costs a bomb. That is, if you have the wedding reception there as well. And you wouldn't want to wipe off that 'loyal customer' image that you have by having it elsewhere now, would you?

On the Drive
This one's for all those who're constantly racing against their clocks. Late for work but need to get married? Why not do it on the drive? Great idea, isn't it? Before you roll your eyes, get this, there are such services for 'weddings on wheels' provided by a Reverend in Dallas. Yes, a mini van converted to resemble a tiny chapel, complete with stained glass, an organ and even, get this, an altar for the couple to take their vows at! An interesting way to get 'hitched', don't you think?

In the Sky
The sky is the limit they say, and this just proves it. You can get married on a plane while wing walking or you can take a literal 'plunge' by bungee jumping from a plane. It's been done before and if you have the stomach for it, you could do it too. Take your vows on two different planes if you're wing walking or jump off the plane as soon as you say your "I Do's". A sky wedding checklist will include the following
  • No fear of altitudes
  • Tolerance for cold air
  • Appropriate clothing and protective gear
  • Maddening love for your partner
In a Cave
For all you couples looking for the perfectly romantic, bordering on adventurous, bordering on slightly creepy wedding, Bridal Cave in Missouri is the answer to all your problems. Just 2 miles north from Camdenton, this is the perfect blend of cozy, scary, pretty (if your definition of pretty involves an old dingy place with grooves) and a legend that dates back to the 1800s. You can reserve the place for your wedding and arrange a grand tour of the place as entertainment for your guests. What else do you need?

Those were our take on some of the most unusual places that people can get married in. We're not making them up, people have been known to get married in such bizarre places and that's one of the main reasons we're suggesting them to you. So, if you and your partner are game for a truly weird wedding, then go for any of the places mentioned above. It will be an unforgettable one for sure. Happy wedding!
Wedding couple in cave