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Tips for Buying Inexpensive Mother of the Bride Dresses

Dhanya Joy Sep 29, 2018
As the mother of the bride, looking your best at the wedding becomes very essential. You don't really need to spend a king's ransom to buy a dress, as this can be done for a very reasonable cost. Read on.
A wedding is usually an exorbitant affair, and you, being the mother of the bride, don't want to overshoot the budget of the wedding in any way. You sure need to look really good and well dressed for your daughter's big day, but we are sure you want to do it within a budget.
You may feel that buying a dress for less may make you compromise on your look, but that's totally not true. You can surely find an inexpensive wedding dress that suits your style and requirement and also suits the occasion well.
Finding cheap dresses for the bride's mother requires some amount of research and effort. Planning early is the key to finding some awesome dresses.

How to Buy Inexpensive Dresses for the Bride's Mother

Finding some good outfits at a discounted or cheap rate requires two main tasks to be performed - legwork and mouse-work. Confused? Read on. As mentioned, buying cheap dresses involves a lot of research, so you need to literally hunt for that perfect dress. For this, you'll need to visit stores to look for the dress and also do some online research.
Looking online is a great way to zero down on some good deals. There are a number of websites that have dresses at discounted rates. Shopping online for mother of the bride outfits gives you a wide variety to choose from the latest fashions and also saves a lot of time. Here are a few more tips on how to save money on these dresses.


Since most weddings are planned at least 6 months prior to the actual wedding date, you have a lot of time in hand to look around for your mother of the bride dress. During this time, you can conduct some major research on the Internet and also visit shops and stores.
You can also seek advice and help from your daughter and relatives, on the kind of dress that you should purchase. Make a list of the shops, sites, and dresses that you have liked so far so that it is easier for you to zero down on one.

Sale! Sale! Sale!

This is something that you should constantly keep a watch for. Shopping for mother of the bride dresses from shops that have a sale on is a good bargain after all! Most shops have an end of sale or a stock clearance sale every three to four months, so make sure you make use of this to your advantage.

Early Shopping

After you have found the best deal and the perfect dress, do not wait to buy it at the last moment or just before the wedding. If you wait too long to buy the dress that you have liked, you may not find it or it may have been sold out by the time you go to pick it up for yourself.
Many women end up paying a lot more than they should, when they opt for last-moment shopping and the store may not even offer a refund or take back the dress. So shop sensibly and as early as possible.

Bridesmaid Dresses

The bridesmaid dresses are a lot less priced than the mother of the bride dresses, and so you can buy a bridesmaid dress for yourself, which will save you a lot of bucks!
No one will ever know about it because it obviously does not come with a bridesmaid dress tag. You can add you own embellishments to the dress to suit your style.

Package Deals

When shopping, look for package deals wherein the dresses are sold along with jewelry and accessories, as an ensemble. This will save a lot money that you would otherwise have to spend on buying the shoes, accessories, and jewelry.

Consignment Shopping

You will be able to find many such dresses at consignment stores. Since the dresses that these shops sell are worn just once, you'll be able to find a good deal here for a very reasonable price.

Dressing Smart

You don't necessarily need to wear a 'mother of the bride dress' to your daughter's wedding. If you are looking to wear the outfit in the future as well, you can buy evening gowns, formal wear, or cocktail dresses. This will save you a lot of money, and you could also wear the dress a few more times.
So those were a few tips for you to save some money on your mother of the bride dress. Whatever you choose to wear, remember that it should suit the theme of the wedding well, and also make sure you consult the bride and secure her approval.