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Mother of the Bride Gifts

Are you a bride or a member of the groom's family looking for some gift ideas for the mother of the bride? Find several such ideas from this article that will suit your taste and budget as well.
Wedessence Staff
A bride would want to express her gratitude towards the woman who gave her a beautiful life. Even someone from the groom's family might want to thank the mother of the bride for giving them her most priced possession―her beloved daughter. Although you can't thank her enough, you can certainly give her something as a token of your gratitude.
Gifts from the Bride
Host a Tea Party
Host a surprise tea party for your mom and also invite the mothers of your bridesmaids. Arrange for some entertainment activities or games and let the ladies have fun. Host the party a couple of weeks prior to the wedding.
Since the mother will be too busy with all the wedding preparations, this little party will allow her to relax. During the party, each girl can narrate a funny or touching incident about the mother of the bride. You can also gift her with spa coupons or shopping vouchers.
Plan an Activity Together
Plan something that you and your mom have always enjoyed doing. If you two love gardening, buy a pack of spring bulbs and plant them together. Take her out for dinner or spend a day shopping with her. You can go for the wedding dress and jewelry shopping together as well. Your time and company will be the best gift for your mom.
A fine piece of jewelry is an everlasting gift of great sentimental value. It will remind her of you whenever she wears it. An elegant pearl necklace, a beaded bracelet, or diamond earrings can be ideal.
Gifts from the Groom Party
Photo Frame
Gift the mother a classic photo frame in silver or wood with a picture of her and her daughter in one half; keep the other half vacant for her to insert the wedding picture. To personalize the gift, you can create a beautiful collage depicting the journey of the mother and the daughter using tools such as Photoshop.
Customized Gifts
These days you can get several personalized gift items online, with the words 'Mother of the Bride' printed on them. Handbags, flip-flops, brooches, T-shirts, mugs, and vanity cases are some of the items.
Other Useful Gifts
Since the mother is likely to be too occupied with the wedding preparations, you can take some of her burden off by sending her packs of pre-prepared dinner. Many restaurants specialize in such services. Another useful idea would be to give her an 'all expenses paid' session with a hairstylist or a makeup artist. You can also give her an emergency wedding kit fully equipped with needles, threads, pantyhose, pins, etc. She is likely to forget about packing these things in a hurry.
Senior women in hair salon
Hand bag, Flip Flops, Brooch, t-shirt, Mug
Elegant Picture Frame
Pearl jewelry necklace, beaded bracelet, Diamond Earrings
Tea Party Still Life assortment tea