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Mother of the Bride Hairstyles

Mother of the Bride Hairstyles
Wondering what would be the right hairstyle for you, being the mother of the bride? This Wedessence article lists out the various options for you.
Pragya T
When it comes to mother of the bride, you need to wear a hairstyle which goes with your dress, but also something which is not very elaborate. A simple and elegant style is a good hairstyle which you need to consider along with your gown. There are many ways to wear your hair for a wedding.
Hairstyle Ideas
... for Short Hair
If you have short hair, then the best way to wear them for the wedding would be to wear them down. Loose hair suits the bride's mother best. On the day of the wedding just shampoo and condition your hair, and with a blow dryer set your hair properly. If you haven't had a trim for a long time, then getting your hair cut with some bangs is a good idea.

Then, on the wedding day, just brush your hair, and blow dry them to give a little bit of shape. If you have blunt cut hair, you can consider blow drying them to style the hair inwards for a soft look. If you have layered hair, and want to style the hair a bit more stylishly, then style the hair with the hair flipped outwards. To style the bangs, use a round brush, and style the hair inwards and blow dry.
... for Medium Hair
If you have medium length hair, then again you can consider wearing them down, if the wedding is a relaxed affair. Ensure that the dress you are wearing is also not too elaborate. With this, you can get a laid-back hairstyle. On the loose styled hair, apply a hairspray or shine serum for a sleek shiny finished look.

Another way to style medium length hair is half updos. Half updos bring the best of both styles - casual down style and the updo style. Wash your hair and let them dry naturally, then brush all your hair back, and take top half of the hair, and style them into a bun. Secure them with a transparent rubber band, or use a simple jeweled pin, to secure the bun. Take out some hair bangs to complete this medium hairstyle.
... for Long Hair
There are many long hairstyles, if you have long hair. Classic wedding hairstyles like French twist and chignon are perfect hairstyles for mother of the bride. To make it look unique, style it sideways, and take out some hair strands from the sides to soften your look.

If you have long hair, then consider some curly hairstyles for the occasion. These are not commonly opted hairstyles by mother of the bride, but when done properly can look great. Shampoo your hair, then apply a curling hair serum, and scrunch your hair. Or use a curling hair iron to style your hair curly. With a side parting, you can wear the hair loose, or tie it in a bun hairstyle for a formal look.

To tie your hair into an updo, scoop all the curly hair back, and tie them in a bun near the nape of the neck. Use a rubber band to secure the bun in place. After you are done styling your hair, apply a hairspray for shine, and to maintain the style for longer. Use dangling earrings to accessorize with this hairstyle.
These were the various hairstyle suggestions that can go with various outfits. So, pick up a hairstyle according to your hair length. Make sure that the hairstyle suits your face shape and dress too.
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