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Mother of the Bride Outfit Ideas

Rutuja Jathar Nov 5, 2018
Searching for mother of the bride outfit ideas? Well, you have come to the right place. Read the given information and find out more about mother of the groom outfits...
Preparation of the d-day of your daughter's life, can surely be quite overwhelming for you as the mother of the bride. However, along with the wedding arrangements you also need to be pretty cautious as well as conscious while selecting a great wedding outfit for yourself.
In fact according to an old tradition, selection of the mother of the bride dresses must get done before the mother of the groom outfit. It might be an extinguished tradition now, but still the presence and importance of the mother of the bride cannot be overruled.

Ideas and Considerations

First of all, whichever outfit you choose, make sure that it is not upstaging your daughter. Hence, the best thing to do is to take your daughter's opinion into account. If your wedding attire is overshadowing your daughter's dress, then strictly avoid that.
Apart from that there are few more things to consider. The biggest of them all is the wedding theme. You might look great in your favorite evening gown, but it won't suit on a casual, summer and day wedding. Hence, consider the mood and theme of the wedding and then decide on the dress.
Last and the most important thing is your comfort. Since most of your day is going to be bustling and mingling around, it ought to be comfortable for you to do that. Hence, select a dress, in which you are totally comfortable.
After considering the mentioned suggestions, here are some of the most preferred mother of the bride dresses. Once you have selected the pattern of the dress, then you can get plus size as well as petite mother of the bride outfits. Let's take a look.

Evening Gown

This is by far the best and ideal choice when it comes to mother of the bride dresses. Evening wedding gown is definitely classy and elegant, especially at the black tie wedding
You can select any pattern of evening gown of your choice and then accessorize it with anything that you like. For instance, a bolero, stole or elegant wraps. However, you can wear this dress for reception later in the day.

Tailored Suit

These are embellishment free wedding attires for mother of the bride that are made of heavier materials, like wool. You can opt for pants and jackets as well as a top and skirt of any length.
You can also wear pinafores with a cute jacket, to bring a breeze of casualness in an all dressed up evening. If you are a business woman and wear the tailored suits on a daily basis, then against a common advise, refrain from them because they bring in a sort of repetition.

Occasion Wear

There is a huge range of occasion wear and you can accessorize them the way you want. You can either wear a dress with a jacket or a skirt and top with a jacket. Any floaty and lightweight fabrics like crepe, chiffon, Georgette, silk, etc. is suitable for occasion wear.
Hence they are the most popular mother of the bride outfit ideas. You can wear it on semi-formal or casual evening wedding. You can also wear a tea-length dress that is so popular and also stylish for you.

Cocktail Dress

The veteran yet elegant cocktail dresses will never go out of fashion. These are the ultimate choice for you if you are looking for an outfit for a casual or semi formal wedding. You get a lot of freedom as well enjoyment while selecting a cocktail dress for yourself.
Select any length of fabrics like silk, chiffon, satin, georgette, taffeta and accessorize it with cute and elegant embroidery, sequins or sparkles! If you are searching for dresses that cost less, then there are numerous bridal shops to help you.
Whilst considering the fashion for mother of the bride, you also need to avoid colors like white, ivory, cream and such pastel colors or any color that will go anywhere near the bridal attire.
You also need to consider the wedding color, colors of the flower arrangement, bridesmaid dresses, men's ties, waistcoats as well as the wedding jewelry that you have envisaged for wedding of your daughter.