Mother of the Bride Outfits

Madhura Pandit Sep 29, 2018
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With plenty of outfit options to choose from, the mother of the bride can look glamorous and classy at the wedding. Here are some of tips and ideas for appropriate mother of the bride attire.
The biggest day of your daughter's life is equally special and important for you. Apart from helping in organizing and arrangements for the wedding, you will be at the forefront and in nearly every photograph. 
There is an old tradition that says that the mother of the bride must choose her outfit first and inform the groom's mother, then the mother of the groom can look for an outfit.
Maybe this was to prevent repetition of colors and patterns. Today this tradition has been done away with, as they are myriad options for wedding outfits.
Right from the color of the dress to the style, accessories, etc., you need to think about every aspect of the dress to prevent a faux pas on your daughter's wedding day. Elegance and class are the two important things that you must keep in mind before selecting a wedding dress.
Check whether the wedding will be slated in summer or winter and select your outfit accordingly.

Mother of the Bride Dresses


You should avoid wearing a white outfit as white is meant for the bride's wedding gown. At the same time, a black outfit will not stand out, as there will be a crowd of men in black suits. You must avoid flashy colors like red, pink or orange as they will be a complete contrast to your image.
The colors for mother of the bride outfits are lavender, pistachio, dark magenta, maroon, navy blue or beige.


Rather than opting for the traditional gown and jacket, you can try out different options. You can have an chiffon evening gown, or a spaghetti striped flowing gown.
You can even wear a cocktail dress if your daughter is okay with it.
Pant suits are also nice and are considered formal attire. A suit with a long jacket is also one of the most popular mother of the bride formal dresses. But, remember to select a frill-free suit. You can even take your daughter's opinion on the latest styles and fashion.


You can wear stylish and comfortable shoes. High heels are accepted if they match your outfit. Try walking around at home in your new shoes before you wear them on the wedding day. Carrying a clutch will help carry a couple of things.
You can wear casual dress, but can avoid looking too casual by wearing make-up and appropriate jewelry.
Remember to dress in a dignified manner and do not appear flashy or don an outrageous outfit that may embarrass your daughter. Mother of the bride attire has to be outstanding, but, elegant. These outfits are not meant to outshine the bride's outfit. You should remember that it is her big day!