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Mother of the Groom Gifts

Madhura Pandit Nov 3, 2018
Although not very popular nowadays, gifting the groom's mother is a wonderful wedding custom. Here are some excellent gift ideas for mother of the groom.
Weddings are beautiful occasions; events of fun and joy, where two people vow to share their life together. Wedding gifts are exchanged among people to celebrate the occasion. Guests gift the wedded couple, while the bride's family also gift the groom. In Indian weddings, gifting each other is an important and crucial wedding etiquette.
The newly wedded couple should gift their parents before starting a new life, as gifting parents is a great way to thank them for all they have done earlier. And, if you, as the bride, go out of your way to get a gift for your mother-in-law, she will definitely appreciate and remember your gesture.

Gift Ideas for the Mother of the Groom

Rather than buying a last-minute gift, make sure you put in some thought and buy a personalized gift for the groom's mother. She will appreciate that you put in an effort to make her feel special.
Personalized gift articles are the perfect gifts for the groom's mother. You can gift a monogrammed handbag, a purse, cosmetics bag, etc.
You can use the theme, 'Mother of the Groom' on different articles and gift them to her. Print these words on a silk scarf, a T-shirt, or a mug, and your mother-in-law will really appreciate it.
You can gift her jewelry, like a necklace with an engraved heart-shaped pendant, a crystal or silver bracelet, heart locket key chain, etc.
You can gift a fancy designer watch to your mother-in-law. You may even gift an expensive monogrammed watch.
A cashmere shawl or a scarf will be a treasured gift for the groom's mother. You can even gift embroidered linen or a crocheted hankie.
You can buy an expensive make-up set or beauty products for the groom's mother. An engraved hand mirror is also a lovely gift for her.
An engraved or silver photo frame is a unique gift idea for the mother of the groom. Put a candid picture of the groom's parents in the frame and decorate it to make it more personal.
A wine or martini glass gift set with holders is one of the best gifts for women. You can even buy two glasses with engraved initials of the groom's parents.
If you are not aware of her taste, you can opt for less personalized articles like fancy vases, colorful and scented candles, jewelry pouches, gift baskets, table centerpieces, etc.
Engraved pens or business card holders can be gifted to the groom's mother if she is a businesswoman.
You can even make a card yourself with a sentimental message or quote for the groom's mother. Come up with some creative ones that have an appropriate meaning. You can give her the card with a bouquet of flowers.
You can give any one of the aforementioned unique and personalized gifts and your gesture will surely be appreciated. Your mother-in-law will definitely value and remember your thoughtfulness.