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Mother of the Groom Tea-length Dresses That are Too Pretty to Pass Up

Mother of the Groom Tea-length Dresses
Mother of the groom tea-length dresses are surely a hit in many weddings as full length gowns are taking the back seat. Find some great designs and ideas for the same, displayed in the following article.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: May 7, 2018
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Weddings are a great opportunity to flaunt beautiful dresses and tight tuxedos - an occasion where everyone looks their best! Along with the mother of the bride, everyone also waits to see what the groom's mother dresses herself in. Though the colors of both their dresses are matched with the color scheme of the wedding, there can be various designs you can choose from in order to add that spunk to your look. Full-length gowns with half or full sleeves, and sometimes a jacket, contribute to quite an old trend for today's weddings. Now, there are beautiful and classy designs for mother of the groom tea-length dresses, proving that short does look equally good! Tea-length dresses are slightly below knee-length and usually have an A-line pattern. They not only make you look younger, but also have various attractive designs for every age. Find some unique ideas for beautiful tea-length dresses mentioned in the following paragraphs, just for you!
Tea-length Mother of the Groom Dresses
floral dress
When you decide a color scheme for your wedding, you make sure everything complements it. But there has to be some difference in color as it could get monotonous for the choice. The flowers, decorations, dresses and even the corsages are designed in similar colors which are decided. Out of so many arrangements, the dresses which are worn by the mothers of both the bride and the groom have to be a little different from the others. Hence, the mother of the groom attire and dresses are designed keeping in mind a variety of shades and styles related to the basic scheme. As mentioned earlier, tea-length dresses are the most well-known designs which are being used for many weddings now, as they look fresh and different.
yellow dress
  • A-line is the most common pattern used to make dresses for mother of the groom. The above examples display soft, elegant colors that can be worn for any theme wedding. Note that, the keyword here is elegant.
  • When the dress is tea-length in height, a flare around its base towards the end looks very attractive.
  • There are many materials which are used to make these wedding dresses look pretty. The chiffon matte satin is the most commonly used material, but there are some others such as the chiffon taffeta which look drop-dead gorgeous too. These materials have a fall to their texture, and thus, an A-line pattern suits them the best.
  • The colors also make a huge difference to the designs of these dresses. Usually mothers like to wear light-colored dresses as it makes them feel comfortable. Thus, light shades of gold, pink, violet, blue, and green are some of the favorites.
  • The necks and collars are also designed according to the patterns used for the mother of the groom wear. V-necks, squares, rounds, and boats are some of the most used necklines for tea-length dresses. There are also jackets which are designed over the dresses with short, three-fourth, or full sleeves.
Tea-length Dresses: Size Does Matter
red dress
  • If you think that these tea-length dresses look good on slim moms, think again! In fact, moms look better in dresses that are a little shorter in length, in comparison to those long, mundane evening gowns. There are many designs which are available for fuller-figures also.
  • It is important to note that over-sized dresses look very shabby if they are worn in a saggy, complex material.
  • Chiffon styles are the best if you are a little towards the plumper side, as they have a fall and don't gather up in any part of the body. They can also be made in a slightly adjustable size so that you are comfortable all throughout.
  • The necklines and the patterns for these dresses also come in a variety and look great when they are straight cut and not A-lines. Note that, if you are fuller-figured, V-necks are the best, as they automatically slimmer your silhouette.
  • These tea-length dresses can also be styled in patterns of cocktail attires which are casual yet classy and neat. Also, don't forget to match your jewelry on that wonderful tea-length satin dress of yours.
With these unique and creative mother of the groom tea-length dresses, I am sure you've found something you like. So, take your time, and get yourself a great dress to wear for your son's wedding, after all, you are the mother of the groom!
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