Must-have Accessories for a Winter Wedding

Sujata Iyer Nov 25, 2018
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Glam up your winter wedding with these absolute must-have accessories! They're pretty, they're practical, and they're sooo fun!
Who said accessorizing is only for the bride? Get your groom into the groove too. Get him a winter-inspired, dried flower boutonnière. Even better, get him a replica of your bridal bouquet as his boutonnière.
A winter wedding boasts of a lot of things. A bowlful of love, a handful of courage, a dash of crazy, and most importantly, a dollop of pretty to brave the harsh, freezing cold and still look like a million bucks. How? Well, while many may believe that winter is probably not the best season to get hitched, we say why not?
What could be more beautiful than a backdrop of pure white snow to say your 'I dos'? But what about the fact that you'll be half frozen by the end of it all, you say? Bah! There are so many things you can do to ensure that you have a not-so-cold wedding, bang in the middle of winter.
Among these is your attire. Here we give you the lowdown on the best accessories you, as a bride, must absolutely have on your person on your winter wedding day. While some of these are meant to keep you cozy and warm, some are inspired by the sheer beauty of winter.
So, have a look and include them in your wedding attire to enjoy your winter (or winter-themed) wedding in style! Let's begin from top and work our way to the bottom.

Hair Accessories

There are gazillion kinds of accessories you can use for your hair as a bride.
But for a winter wedding, in keeping with the gorgeous snowy backdrop, and of course your breathtaking dress, we suggest you stick to white hair accessories. The world is your oyster.
A hat and a veil, a half-updo with a huge floral clip, a feathered bun clip, a stylish ponytail with pearl embellishments―there are so many more things you can use to adorn your hair, no matter in what way you choose to style it on your big day.


Jewelry is one of the most crucial elements in a bride's wardrobe.
And while pops of color and being quirky is all the rage, for a winter or winter-inspired wedding, it would do you good to stick to the timeless and classic elegance that white jewelry stands for. Snowflake-inspired jewelry is the current darling of bridal jewelry, so if you're a trend-conscious bride, that's the way to go for you.
For the bride who wants something elegant, a white pearl is the best option. If you want to make a glamorous statement, we recommend the all-time favorite, silver and diamond jewelry.


Brrrr! This is what it's going to be at a winter wedding. And while it may seem very romantic and heroic to get married in the snow, imagine your teeth chattering throughout the ceremony. Not very pretty, is it? Well, you can look just as stunning without compromising on the glory of your dress, even with something to cover you up.
Boleros, wraps, shawls, stoles, fur coats, even vibrant-colored trench coats are the accessory to have for your winter wedding. And you thought sensibility and style could never go hand in hand.


So, you think you can manage without wearing a jacket. But you still want something stylish and elegant to keep your hands warm so that they don't freeze when it's time to put on the ring (imagine that!). Dress up your hands in some pretty gloves.
While lace and silk have always been the traditional fabrics for bridal gloves, you can even use pretty gloves in a more durable and warmer material like leather.
You can even opt to pick a pair of gloves in a totally contrasting color to add a dash of fun to your look. Full-length, half or fingerless, take your pick.

Hand Bags

What's a woman without her bag! Big or small, there's always a need to hold on to a bag. Just to know that everything you need is in that little treasure pouch. As a bride, you're no different. You'll need to keep a little makeup, a few tissues, and some more emergency items at hand. What better way to do this than in a sleek pouch or clutch.
While the traditional drawstring pouch is always loved, you can also try something more contemporary like a snazzy leather clutch or a simple clutch with an elaborate brooch on it.


Don't forget your tootsies! While the temptation to slip into a pair of gorgeous peep-toes or open sandals can be overwhelming, it will make much more sense to wear closed shoes. And if the latest buzz is to be believed, boots are go-to's for winter wedding footwear. You can pick an elegant white pair to match the rest of your attire perfectly.
But just in case you're in the mood for something a little offbeat, get yourself a pair of flamboyant knee or calf-high boots in a vibrant color. Take a cue from these images, and put on your dancing shoes!
Didn't we tell you that a winter wedding can be just as fun to dress up for, even with the blistering cold? Add these accessories to your list and get shopping!