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Drop Anchor With Nautical-themed Wedding Decoration Ideas

Nautical-themed Wedding Decoration Ideas
From the aisle décor to the table settings, planning a wedding is no easy task. But with these nautical-themed wedding decoration ideas, Wedessence will surely take your breath away.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Blue Nautical Wedding Invitation
Quick Tip
There will be times when you'd want to handle and micromanage every little aspect of the wedding, but we urge you not  to become a 'super' bride. Ask for assistance from your fiancé, family members, bridesmaids, friends, and/or wedding planner.
Planning a wedding can only be possible once you have a theme in mind. With the theme, you can fix a budget and execute other wedding preparations accordingly. The key is to stay organized, and making sure that every task is accomplished at the correct time.

So, when we talk about the nautical theme, it is essential that the couple embody each and every aspect of it. Right from the bridal party's attire to the wedding décor, every element has to be inspired by this theme. Which is why, we have put together a few nautical-themed wedding decoration ideas that might give you the inspiration to make your wedding day timeless.
The Ceremony Decorations
You can choose to have the ceremony either in a barn, at a church, on a beach, in a garden, in a garden overlooking a beach, or any other venue you may have in mind. The best part about it is, the theme complements it all. For the actual ceremony, there are a ton of elements that can be used to decorate the aisle, the arch, seating area, along with romantic and quirky signs placed around the venue. The use of nautical strips and navy blue color is quite obvious, but you need other colors to balance everything out. Choose bold-colored flowers in red and orange to achieve that.
Decorating the Arch
Nautical Themed Wedding Arch Decoration
Keep the arch simple, yet elegant, and decorate around the arch to keep with the theme.
Decorating the Pew
Nautical Themed Wedding Pew Decoration
Use nautical-stripped ribbons or bags filled with gorgeous flowers to decorate the pew.
Decorating the Venue
Nautical Themed Wedding Venue Decoration
Apart from elements at the seating area for the ceremony, use throw pillows and cushions as well.
Placing Signs
Nautical Themed Wedding Signs Ideas
Place cute and romantic nautical-themed signs around the venue.
The Escort Cards
Once the guests reach the reception venue, they would want to find their designated seats before the newlyweds arrive. The escort cards don't just assist your guests at this time, but can also make a charming decorative piece. Use nautical elements such as compasses, buoys, tiny rope knots, wine corks, starfish, tiny sailboats, tiny flags, etc.; there are a ton of ideas to choose from. All you've got to do is pick the one you like, and place your order either with a private vendor or online.
Nautical Themed Wedding Compass Escort Cards
Use real compasses as escort cards that can double as favors too.
Nautical Themed Wedding Map Escort Cards
The escort cards placed on a board with an antique map looks classy.
Nautical Themed Wedding Buoy Escort Cards
The use of tiny buoy to place the escort cards on the board is quirky, yet fabulous.
The Table Decorations
While finalizing the décor elements for the reception tables, it's essential not to go overboard. As there are a lot of things to keep in mind, such as centerpieces, place cards, place settings, flower arrangements, etc., you should focus on one thing at a time. But do make sure that the theme is incorporated equally, even if the nautical stripes aren't being used too often.
Nautical Themed Wedding Lighthouse Centerpiece
A miniature lighthouse with blue vases and tulips make an interesting combination.
Nautical Themed Wedding White Lantern Centerpiece
Make nautical lanterns with gorgeous Lily of the Valley a focal point on every table.
Nautical Themed Wedding Blue Lantern Centerpiece
Place blue lanterns on every table with cute and tiny sailing items like compasses, anchors, sailboats, etc.
Table Numbers
Nautical Themed Wedding Flag Table Numbers
Table numbers printed on tiny flags with amazing sailing pieces to accompany them.
Nautical Themed Wedding Sailboat Table Numbers
Choose beautiful wooden sailboats to serve as table numbers.
Nautical Themed Wedding Card Table Numbers
You can even choose a simple card, but obviously with a nautical flare.
Top Table
Nautical Themed Wedding Top Table Decorations
The top table definitely has a charm of its own; and should have a unique décor.
Nautical Themed Wedding Top Table Newlyweds
The newlyweds, a.k.a. the Captain and the First Mate.
Guest Tables
Table set for event
Go with either the nautical-stripped tablecloth, or a navy blue and white combination.
Nautical-themed Wedding Guest Table Place Cards and Wedding Favors
The nautical-themed wedding favors and place cards should also stand out.
Nautical Themed Wedding Guest Tablecloth
Go beyond the navy blue and white tablecloth with lovely anchors printed on it.
Table Menus
Nautical Themed Wedding Wheel Table Menu
The menu cards too should reflect the theme.
Nautical Themed Wedding Anchor Table Menu
Choose subtle, yet theme-related colors for the menu cards.
The Wedding Cake
When talking about the décor, how can we leave the cake out? It definitely is one of the most important elements of a wedding. And, you can easily incorporate the theme here as well. Just ask the baker or caterer to give you a few ideas, or tell him/her as to what you're looking for. Plus, you don't necessarily have to use the traditional cake toppers. Try something unconventional like starfish, an anchor and steering wheel, sailboats, or even seashells; all of course, will be edible.
Nautical Themed Wedding Cake
Incorporate the nautical stripes as the design for the wedding cake.
The Refreshments
A separate section for beverages is a must. While an open bar is always a good idea, why not embellish that a bit more? How does a rustic boat or canoe filled with ice and beverages sound? If this doesn't float your "boat", then perhaps some quirky tags on the drinks might do the trick. Remember, keep the theme alive no matter what you decide on.
Nautical Themed Wedding Beverages
Serve signature drinks to the guests to keep the celebration going.
The Newlyweds
And now, the newlyweds! Obviously, you two aren't a decorative element of the wedding, but without the two of you, it'll just be a bunch of people dressed in formal attire having a good time. We want to take this moment to convey that the couple too can embody the theme for the big day. With your attire and accessories, your nautical-themed wedding will truly be a tale to remember.
Happy bride and groom
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These amazing ideas will help you make an enduring impression on the guests. All the above-mentioned decoration ideas are easy to incorporate in your wedding. However, do keep an eye on the budget before  you make any decisions.