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Nautical Wedding Invitations

Nautical Wedding Invitations

A nautical wedding invitation is the best option to go for when a couple is planning to get married on a beach or seaside setting.
Wedessence Staff
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Wedding invites are one of the best relics that can be possessed by married couples. Therefore, they should be made keeping many things in mind, such as the likes and dislikes of the bride and the bridegroom, the wedding theme, and most importantly the venue where the wedding would be held. If invitation cards are made according to the venue of the marriage ceremony, they can have a long-lasting impression on the invitees, and the ceremony will definitely be remembered differently for a considerable amount of time.
Invitations for This Theme
Vintage Nautical Card
Sea Beach Wedding Invitation
These are invitation cards which have been printed in a format and pattern that consist of all things related to the sea or a tropical region. They can consist of pictures, patterns, and shadows of oceans, seas, lakes, waterfalls, fishing, boating, etc. These types of cards are most appropriate for couples who love the seaside or are planning to hold their wedding ceremony on a seashore or in a tropical region. Many people often confuse these cards with destination wedding cards. However, if you are holding a destination wedding in a tropical region, this pattern of cards is the best choice. They are also suitable for wedding ceremonies that are to be held on a boat or a large cruise ship. It would be a great idea to print the actual picture of the ship or boat on which you are going to get married on the invites.
Customizing Nautical Invitations
Set of Marine Wedding Cards
Seashells Wedding Invitation
There are many ways in which you can personalize these invitations. You can include a wide variety of ships, boats, tropical trees, beaches, ocean scenery, lighthouses, dolphins, star fish, message-in-a-bottle images, pearls, beautiful and colorful fish, anchors, etc.

If you yourself do not want to plan the pattern and design of the invite, you can choose from a wide range of formats that are available online or in your local card printing stores. Just a look at the varieties would give you a rough idea as to what type of pattern your cards should have. To add a more distinct look, you can make them into different shapes and sizes. For instance, you can get the cards printed in the shape of a leaf of a tropical region with the wordings on it.

Blue is a typical color shade to be included in these invitations. However, you may include other colors as well, but just ensure that you do not make the face of the invites too colorful and complex. Extra dark color themes would spoil the wedding theme and pattern of the cards. Also make sure that all images are appropriately set in with the right color combination. While deciding the color combination, it is better to set a color scheme that would correspond to most of the colors at the venue.

Using nautical wedding invitations are the best way to invite your guests for spending the most wonderful day of your life on a seashore or on a ship. When it comes favors or invitations for this theme, you can be as creative as you want, to make your wedding a really unique experience for you as well as for your invitees.